Who’s a Brit for a Day at the Olympics?

This just in from London-

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The Flat Olympics

Posted on August 10, 2012

Morning all! We had a bit of a day out on Wednesday and someone special joined us. Remember I took a friend skiing over winter and then on another bright beautiful day we took her to see the highest point in the Alps to get up close and personal with Mt Blanc?

Yup Flat Ruthie is back in style my friends !

Considering we got up out and early, Ruthie is looking pretty perky for the journey, it may be the espresso or it might be the tickets into the Olympics that’s putting the smile on her face this morning.

Ok, strictly speaking we only had 2 tickets and Ruthie sneaked in, but what the heck she was in! Now all the way there we’d been talking about who are you going to support, who are you going to cheer over the finishing line? You see Ruthie hails from the US,  but has been busy recently, supporting something called a Cub (I think it’s to do with baby foxes getting together for a little run around, she was a bit vague about the details). So back to the cheering and clapping, Ruthie was all for supporting her home country being the patriotic girl she is, but once past security, and on into the  stadium she was a changed woman. She became a Brit for the day. Yup she switched allegiances, shameless I know! GO TEAM GEE BEE! And you know what, once she’d started she couldn’t stop TEAM GEE BEE!

She couldn’t help herself, swept along with the cheers from the crowd, she was soon talking with a British accent, well the odd vowel got mixed up, but who could blame her! There was Mo Farah, the 10,000m Gold medalist running in the heats of the 5000m, and Ruthie was all for cheering him on, besides if she’d picked another guy at that moment she would have been drowned out! GEE BEE !!

Flat Ruthie thought the roar of the crowd in the stadium was immense and that nothing comes close to describing it. You guys cheer everyone don’t you! We certainly do Ruthie, even the athletes who come last. Why Claire? Because everyone is special Ruthie, especially Sarah Attar the first woman to represent her country, Saudi Arabia, at the Olympics. Yeah Ok THAT is special. GO GIRL GO !!

Ruthie declared the morning at the athletics in the main stadium as being totally AWESOME, I pointed out that awesome isn’t very British, and she said oops sorry sweetie dahling, it was FABULOUS, Absolutely Fabulous!

There had been so much to see, so much to cheer, I think she made a new friend, the Olympic Mascot seems pretty enamoured. GO TEAM GEE BEE !

And then out and about in the park we went, now we’ve been to the Olympic Park a couple of times to see the progress of the building and re-development of the site, and we filled Ruthie in on the details as we went around, but what I had to remind her was that when we saw it, most people were wearing hard hats and Hi Vis.

We toured the park, watched the world go by, I think Ruthie secretly enjoyed being British for the day, she marvelled at the buildings, the crowds, the size and scale, the beauty, the fun and happiness of it all, the Olympics.

I think Ruthie was so impressed by the park and the gardens, with the planting being timed to perfection and so beautifully done she’s tempted to take up gardening!

And Ruthie thought us Brits were pretty snappy dresser’s too !

There was just one thing Ruthie would have liked to taken away from the day, just a little momento –

Yup Flat Ruthie wants a BIG HAND !!

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