Where should we travel in Autumn?

With the cool weather, countries with beautiful yellow leaf viewing spots such as Canada, South Korea or Norway are suggestions for autumn destinations.

Not too hot or cold, autumn is a time when many tourists choose to travel. In addition to the countries with beautiful yellow leaf spot, destinations with fresh air, rich cuisine and vibrant festivals are also suggestions for a great trip.


Autumn Canada attracts tourists by forests with trees such as maple, red oak, blue lakes and cool air. In addition, the country of maple leaves also has many activities such as the brilliant autumn festival in Victoria or ghost train and night in Vancouver.


European countries

Nordic countries such as Austria, Sweden, and Denmark will be interesting options for autumn travel. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty as if you have just stepped out from a fairy tale like the town of Hallstatt of Austria or the Norwegian capital of Oslo. In addition, autumn is also the time to organize many exciting festivals in Europe with White Night in Paris, France; concert night in Holland, Le Merce street festival of Spain.


Travel Korea in Autumn

In addition to familiar destinations such as Nami Island or Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jeju Island is also an ideal destination to see the autumn nature. In addition, visitors can participate in festivals such as Jinju lantern drop festival.



When traveling to Taiwan, visitors should not miss the unique culinary experience. The first dish that tourists should try is Taiwanese meat dumplings, with greasy pork and mild spicy, or dishes.


In addition to the above destinations, visitors can choose the countries suitable for their travel such as Japan with majestic Mount Fuji and ancient temples, USA with many interesting recreational activities and French cuisine with diverse cuisines and romantic landscapes.

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