Val reports that Flat Ruthie got locked up in the car but it ends well……

Well, you won’t believe what happened on the  trip to Denver, FR got locked in the car at the farm, and got left behind.  She did manage to go to Priest River on the way to Spokane, but  there were no cameras around to film her.
But after her week long stay in the car, we decided that she should go to Kalispel, visit the Flathead lake area, the marina, and actually go to the cardiologist to get a checkup.   After she was given the excellent bill of health, we then went to Applebees for lunch where we had Sante Fe Chicken Salad, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Following that, we visited a metaphysical store, called can you believe it,  The Metaphysical Store, where she played with the fairies,.  All of these were in Kalispel, Montana.
After a very busy day, we stopped in at the VFW in Plains, where Ruthie downed a very welcome beer!
Val C, Valia
Priest River FLAT RUTHIE 039
And then in Kalispel, Montana.
Flat Ruthie with the Fairies
Downing a beer at the VFW
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