Travel Nazca to discover the mysterious land (Part 2)

Attractive Nazca

Not only has the mysterious drawings, the city of Nazca is also an interesting destination, especially for those who love to learn about history. Today Nazca is just 28km southwest of the ceremonial city of Cahuachi – an ancient pilgrimage center – and there are also long periods of history as the main residence of the ancient Nazca people. Therefore, visitors here have the feeling that there are archaeological excavations everywhere and artifacts reminiscent of the ancient Nazca civilization seem to exist everywhere.

One of the attractions in Nazca is the impressive groundwater system, one of the greatest heritages of Nazca culture. This underground system is unique in South America and probably worldwide. More than 50 underground canals were built over a hundred years, in the first centuries AD. There are still some very well-preserved canals, where you can see a series of spiral blow holes that were used to clean the inside of the canals and to restore them from the earthquake.

Ancient Nazca wares are also extremely popular. Archaeologists have discovered in the tombs along the Nazca River many colorful pottery works, indicating a very high level of craftsmanship. Pattern on pottery is delicate, authentic and complex depictions of the ancient world of Nazca: Daily life, animals, plants and even gods.

Because Nazca hides an ancient civilization with countless valuable antiques, this place was once visited by many thieves. For years, the Chauchilla cemetery – the only archaeological site in Peru in which ancient mummies were seen in their original tombs – have been looted by treasure hunters. They destroyed the place almost completely, taking away all the antiques stored in the tomb. Tomb robbers only left mummies, ceramic fragments and other relics scattered across the desert surface that visitors can still see today. These stinging images serve as a general reminder of the community’s responsibility to preserve the heritage.

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