Top Five Travel Destinations for 2018

Every year there are new travel destinations that are hot and on top of many peoples list of must-see places. The year 2018 is no difference, and many of the areas offer unique and different cultures that will enlighten its guests. Whether it is a journey into the heart of Dublin or an adventure to Morocco, the list of must-see places will leave lasting impressions for sure.

Here is this year’s top 5 travel destinations. Get ready to sit back and journey into a world of interesting geographical stops.

1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland will certainly expand your horizons into the life and times of the Irish. While top European destinations may include London and Paris, Dublin offers a wealth of history and sights to see. The city is a historical bluffs dream filled with friendly and welcoming people. There is a large number of cathedrals, castles and historical pubs that one can visit for a pint of beer. Yet, it is outside the city where you will find wonderful panoramic landscapes, rolling hills lakes and forests to explore. One of its nicest is the Ashford Castle in Cong County, so consider adding a trip to this castle if visiting the Dublin area.

2. Morocco

Those with a penchant for the different are not strangers to Morocco. The city belies a certain level of mystique that not many others can, and with hotel rooms being affordable, it is the ideal place to experience a culture rich in heritage and history. Morocco has some great sights well-worth seeing such as recently opened Louis Vuitton Museum and its many cultural hot spots that serve spicy dishes only Moroccans know how to make. A top destination for the experienced traveller, but best to go with tour groups for those less traveled.

3. Sevilla, Spain

There are many reasons to choose Sevilla, Spain this year. This year is the cities 400th anniversary and a perfect time to experience all it has to offer. The timeless architecture and culturally rich people offer so many interesting things to do. From its many festivals to the visual beauty that defies this city simply can’t be beaten, and it is one of the reasons it was chosen as the set for the Game of Thrones television series.

4. Tallin, Estonia

It is rare to share in the experience of a city celebrating a century of independence, but that is exactly what you will find when visiting Tallin, Estonia this year. There are many celebrations throughout the year in different towns and cities, so finding a culturally rich experience will not be a challenge. Add this one to your list!

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina has much to offer. From great outdoor adventures to unique cuisine, Argentina is one place that never gets dull or lacks entertainment and things to do. The Tierra del Fuego national park is high on the list of must-see things to do while there as is the city of Buenos Aires and its many restaurants and shopping districts.

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