Tokyo Tourism – The Center Of Economy, Politics Of Japan

Tokyo – the capital of Japan, is the economic center, the politics of Japan, is home to many important organs of State such as the Imperial Palace, Parliament buildings.

Tokyo is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan with a harmonious blend of traditional and modern, between fun and tranquility. The bustling and modern, as can be seen in modern infrastructure, the vibrant life in every State in the world, evokes the impression of a city of the future.

Besides that, this place still exists a lot of antique markets, neighborhood long traders bring the ancient beauty, come to where you like to see your life slows down, more tranquil, is where each of the Japanese people a break mail, gain after moments of learning and work stress.

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Tokyo also is a cultural center with many diverse cultural activities. Every year there are many special festivals only in Japan was held here as Kanda Matsuri Festival of Kanda Myojin shrine – one of the three largest Japanese festivals; See the Festival of flowers (Hanami) in Ueno Park; The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho du lich tokyo

All 4 seasons in Tokyo are beautiful and attractive especially with each visitor. Spring in Tokyo Japan is the season of cherry blossom trees bloom, the season of festivals and family reunion. What’s even more amazing when friends, relatives sat watching flowers and enjoy the moments of huddled. When to Tokyo Japan in the summer, you can witness the magnificent fireworks and impressive. Besides, this is also the time of season sale in the 1970s, the commercial center, the shops are all discount from 30-70%, this really is an opportunity many visitors expect.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho du lich tokyo

The fall in Tokyo Japan is also considered the most beautiful time here with thousands of Red-dyed canvas style all forest roads, houses or each street corner. Visitors will witness the transformation of time, feel the crisp change of each leaf, from yellow to red colors extremely impressive. This really is a moment in the life of each person.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho du lich tokyo

And finally winter in Tokyo Japan, this time in this very cold, throughout studying covered by white snow, Tokyo as a new shirt jacket with separate beauty compared to other places. Japanese winter tourism there are many activities await visitors as onsen bath, skiing, snow, or you can shop for this time right off the powerful occasion, all the items were simultaneously reduced depth is the dream of every traveler.















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