Remember the Alamo! Flat Ruthie in San Antonio Texas

This just in from San Antonio, Texas-

My name is MaryAnne Loveless. I first met Ruth in Germany, where the Army life took us. That was 27 years ago! I remember Ruth as being a gracious hostess and excellent cook. I’ll never forget the “Soup Dinner Party”! Some of my best recipes came from her.  I DO have many stories to tell, but later. It was through Facebook that I found Ruth after all this time. I then grew to know a new Ruth, who was a photographer, poet, and Art teacher. I was thrilled to host Flat Ruthie

I wonder if Flat Ruthie even has a comb with her. Probably not!

Flat Ruthie wanted a tour of what all tourists come to SA to see, but first we had to see my hair stylist, Bonnye. I just couldn’t cancel! She was glad to meet Flat Ruthie.

Next we were off to see the sites. Only San Antonio has THE Alamo.

Next stop, the Riverwalk, just across the street, down a level. It was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. One of the best parts of living here is the winter climate. On our walking tour, we met a football fan just her size! They made an instant connection. We all enjoyed a laugh about the fact that we were the only people on the Riverwalk that day carrying our tiny friends.

Yikes! Are they holding hands???

We couldn’t stop for long, since we had shopping to do. What Art teacher wouldn’t have their breath taken away by gorgeous art glass!

Can I really let her leave without trying on hats?

 It was so much fun having you visit! Adios, mi Amiga!

It was great seeing you after all this time!


A note from Real Ruthie

Thanks for hosting Mary Anne. I remember my kids watching a movie (made in 1984 Cloak and Dagger with Henry Thomas and Dabney Coleman filmed in San Antonio.  My kids loved that movie.

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