Have fun and enjoy sports at Bedok Lake when traveling Singapore

Bedok is the place holding so many major sporting events in Singapore such as the International Dragon Boat Festival, windsurfing or kayaking, and so on.

Bedok Lake covers an area of ​​up to 88 hectares. It is tremendous enough to provide water for filling more than 500 Olympic standard swimming pools. The HSBC World Windsurfing Cup was also held here in 2004. Every year, people come here to cheer and have fun in the bustling atmosphere.

Not only that, on weekends, locals also visit Bedok Lake to relax and relieve stress after a stressful working week. For tourists, Bedok Lake is a place to calm the mind, enjoy the fresh air, and experience a new corner of the island nation.

Bedok Lake

The water in the lake is clear, and the average depth is 9m. As they approached the lake’s surface, lukewarm water kept flooding in as if welcoming tourists who had come here, the bushes growing under the lake and beckoning.

Bedok is grown around 14,000 varieties of trees, so space is always green and crisp. Here, flora and fauna are vibrant. Bedok has many birds that always chirp around to create a fun and explicit scene. If you have good eyes, you can see the rare birds such as white-necked kingfish, white-bellied sea eagles… Under the lake, the fishes swim around, and some mischievous species jump on it. The water surface looks very interesting. Visitors should bring a camera to capture these wonderful moments.

Frosted Gray Tree

Moreover, there are many benches within Bedok’s precinct. Visitors can sit peacefully and admire the natural beauty of everything. In particular, when lying on the bank of the grass on the lake, visitors will have great feelings. The sky is so blue, in front of your eyes is a large oversized lake, below is a layer of green grass with small and gentle ants wandering foraging. Everything seemed to stand still before the eyes, and all merged into a perfectly natural picture.

When visiting Lake Bedok, visitors will encounter many runners. There are many flat paths around the lake that are suitable for this endurance activity. Just sit for a while, and you can easily see the young men, women, or young children walking or jogging for health.

Man Sitting on Rock Looking at Lake

Bedok also has a playground of sports for children. Therefore, every weekend, many families take their children here to relax after a week of intense study. The playground is not too large, but it is loved by children with many games such as slide, swing, rafters, sand…

If you are a sports lover, you should go to PA Water Venture to rent a kayak with 15 SGD for 2 hours and go boating on a large lake. Visitors can imagine themselves as in a certain boat race and make the spirit even more excited. If you prefer to experience more adventurous, Bedok Lake is also completely served to visitors. Visitors will be sliding on the rope at the height of 100m as Tarzan and Jane.

Four People Riding Kayaks

Bedok Lake campus also has Wawawa Bistro dining area with airy space, clean and abundant menu. A few specialties of this store such as pasta, pizza, are in quite affordable prices that you should try.

Bedok Lake – an ideal destination for those who love nature, love sports, and want to have new and unique experiences. If you have the opportunity to travel to Singapore, please come here once. A place that is not noisy, not majestic, not magnificent but Bedok Lake is enough to make tourists stand in a daze with the natural beauty of it.

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Fukushima – The beautiful place reviving after the earthquake and tsunami history

Arriving at Fukushima and admiring the beautiful autumn at this time, no one recognizes the place where the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred.

Fukushima is located in Central Japan. It is becoming more and more familiar to tourists with beautiful natural landscapes, attractive tourist spots, gentle and friendly people and many relaxing hot springs.

Visitors can travel to Fukushima in all four seasons. Every time, this place has its own beauty and attractiveness. However, if you travel to Fukushima in the fall, when nature wears a bright yellow coat, the whole land creates an extraordinary sense of romance, deeply impressed.


Geographical location

Fukushima is in the Tohoku region, on Japan’s largest island of Honshu, 300 km from Tokyo. As the 3rd largest province of Japan, Fukushima covers an area of ​​13,783 km², including 3 main areas: Hama-dori, Naka-dori, and Aizu. Each area has its own sights and culture. Especially Aizu, where there is a natural landscape and a history of attracting tourists.

How to move to the beautiful Fukushima

To move to Fukushima, you can choose one of two simple ways. The first way is to fly to Tokyo, then move to Fukushima by speedboat or bus. This is suitable for first-time visitors to Japan, you can have fun in Tokyo for a few days before going on your journey.


The reason you should go to Fukushima in the fall

Fukushima is a land with a long history and many traditional values: Since the Edo period, this land has been famous for war-hard women and brave samurai. To preserve long-term value, the festivals are held year-round. Especially visitors here will be very impressed with the popular Hula dance in Fukushima.

Fall in Fukushima is probably the best season of the year. At this time, nature wears vibrant colors, from red to orange, yellow, attracting the gaze of anyone who comes here.

Onsen hot springs are everywhere. Fukushima has a lot of attractive Onsen baths, including open-air baths, where guests are comfortable relaxing. The open-air bathing pool here has a beautiful view and sulfuric mineral water helps treat many bone and joint diseases.


Fukushima is famous as a province with safe and attractive cuisine, especially ramen noodles. The agricultural products here are grown with strict standards so customers can be assured when enjoying.

Kitakata city is also an attractive place for gourmets, where Kitakata ramen is born and more than hundred places to enjoy other attractive ramen.

Souvenirs in Fukushima

Traveling to Fukushima you can bring a lot of unique souvenirs. These can be toys, funny dolls, or delicious local fruits.

Fruit products are also attractive options, such as fruit jelly and jelly. You can also buy Fukushima special rice and ramen for enjoyment. Big and short Fukushima rice, when cooked, is fragrant and flexible. And the ramen noodles here are delicious in Japan, don’t forget to try a hot bowl before returning.

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7 wonders that you desire to come once in your life

For millennia, people have created great wonders. If you have the opportunity, please visit 7 New Wonders of the World at the right time to see their beauty.

Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza complex is the most famous symbol of a mighty Mayan civilization. Archaeologists believe that Chichen Itza emerged as a major economic and cultural center around 600 AD and developed for centuries. It was eventually abandoned until 1841 and only became a major tourist destination in recent decades.

Redemptorist statue (Brazil)


The statue of the Redeemer was only completed in 1931 but was considered a historical wonder. At a height of 30 meters (98 feet) and the arms reaching 28 meters (92 feet) long, the white statue is simple but mesmerizing or eyeing all over Rio de Janeiro. It is the best harmony of natural beauty and artificial beauty.

Roman Coliseum (Italy)


Emperor Vespasian ordered the construction of the Roman arena around 71 AD, and it was completed in 80 AD under the rule of his son, Titus. It accommodates about 50,000 spectators and even has retractable awnings to shield the Romans. When modern stadiums appeared and collapsed quickly, people admired the construction of the Colosseum.

The Great Wall (China)


The Great Wall was built around 220 BC. Its purpose is to prevent nomads in the north from entering China. Finally, the Mongols successfully invaded the Great Wall in the 13th century. This is an outstanding example of ancient Chinese architecture, technology and excellent art.

Machu Picchu (Peru)


Machu Picchu is the most remote and hardest part of the New Seven Wonders of the World, but truly deserves the path you have to overcome: this is the best example of Incan architecture in the beautiful landscape of the mountain forest. Tropic. You will have to admire admiration with 200 structures located on a steep mountain slope built with smooth grinding stones. So far no one has been able to decipher the secret to build this wonder.

Petra (Jordan)


Not surprisingly, Petra fascinated today’s visitors – a mix of Eastern and Greek styles, half built and half carved into the area’s natural red sandstone. This is one of 7 wonders and deserves to be considered unique.

Taj Mahal (India)


Do you know the world famous Taj Mahal is an extremely complex grave and a lasting symbol of love? Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ordered the construction of this work in 1632 as a monument to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The beautiful structure, considered the pinnacle of Indian Islamic architecture, was completed in 1648.

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If you want to travel to Korea, find out the characteristics of modern sports in Korea

Korean sports are now more concerned than ever. Koreans are increasingly aware of the importance of sports with health. Sports love has penetrated the thoughts of every Korean citizen.

The Korean government now has a very formal sports development policy. Modern sports are being focused on research and development into sports science. Long-term, sustainable development and clear development policies have made Korean sports develop very strongly. Korea has the Korean Academy of Sports Science (KISS for short). If you come to Korea, you can come here to learn more about the policy as well as meet the experts who study sports science in this country.


Korean sports thrive also because the country knows how to entertain, attracting a large audience. Only when there are a lot of audiences, will the sport have the resources to research and development.

In Korea, baseball and football are competing for the championship of people’s love, then basketball and golf. There are also sports that attract many viewers like volleyball, boxing and ssireum. Time on weekends, or on family vacation season, climbing, walking, playing chess is also very popular.


Shorts, cycling and jogging are the two most popular morning sports in the country. Those with more athletic skills often form teams and play soccer in the morning. Other sports of choice are swimming, hiking, golf, skiing, water skiing, saltwater and freshwater fishing, windsurfing and handball.

If you visit Korea, you will find sports love originating from ancient times, very stable and well-researched and developed. You can visit Korea Sports Science Research Institute, elaborately invested outdoor stadiums, or buy tickets to watch a baseball game to experience the fun of visiting this country.


Traditional sports or modern sports are also aimed at strengthening the body, increasing body resistance and fighting disease. However, unlike many other countries, Korean sports know how to apply the modernity of the era, enhance the promotion and image, enhance the entertainment and science in sports to stimulate development. Its superior. Come to Korea to deepen your understanding of the current sports and sports power of this country.

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Chez Reavie won the Travelers Championship 2019

The 37 years old golfer got 17 total score  and the first PGA Tour title after 11 years.

A week after being at the third place at the U.S. Open, Chez Reavie continues to hit high form on Tour with a 17-point at the Travelers Championship. That achievement helped him crowned at Travelers Championship with four sticks the way the second place – Keegan Bradley and Zack Sucher.

Lead six sticks when entering the last round, but won only in the hand after the 17th hole Reavie. Keegan Bradley, from distance in the first four holes after nine sticks, birdie four times in six holes from the 10th to the 15th hole holes. Reavie is just after Bradley a sticks in front of the pit 17.


But there is also a turning fight pits with both. Bradley put the ball into a sand trap and then stick bogey, while Reavie birdie. The difference was extended into four sticks-distance that Bradley could not leveled when Reavie reached par in the last hole.

The travelers Championship is the second title of his career, and is the first Championship of Reavie after 250 PGA Tour events he played in. “This victory has great significance”, Reavie share. “I have many injuries, spent many years fades on the Tour. My persistence finally be rewarded”.

Reavie got into the top 20 in five of the six awards. He won nearly 1.3 million USD prize money for winning in Cromwell, Connecticut, United States of America.


Brooks Koepka is the biggest names scheduled Travelers Championship. The world number one golfer’s only hit of the horizontal standard points (even par) through four rounds of the tournament, in which he did not. Koepka told the AP that he needed much more time to rest after two major power stretch. The 29 year old became the Champion of PGA Championship in May, and be the runner-up at the U.S Open last week.

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Discover the Eastern European gems for you to travel

In the journey to travel through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, you have the opportunity to stop at famous destinations such as Lake Bled, Lake Plitvice, the green city of Ljubljana.

Eastern Europe is a land of many ups and downs, possessing a cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. Journey to Eastern Europe through 4 typical countries like Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia helps you better understand the rich potential of tourism.

Ljubljana Green City (Slovenia)

Ljubljana is one of the most livable and green cities in Europe. Lonely Planet Magazine once commented that Ljubljana is “a perfect picture like Switzerland but living standards are much easier to breathe”.


Since more than 10 years ago, Ljubljana has implemented a policy to ban all cars in the central region. Green spaces appear anywhere in the city, even in the central area, which is often crowded.

Ljubljana is an ancient city so just walking along the river in the city, visitors will easily encounter Roman cultural relics imprinted on the road. The symbol of Ljubljana is the Dragon Bridge with a beautiful and majestic dragon-shaped stone statue. Surrounded by old town with colorful houses of tile color and brick wall. Many outdoor cafes are located along the river or on paved roads.

Lake Bled – the jewel of the Balkan region (Slovenia)

The landscape in Slovenia changes constantly, visitors can see the blue sea and behind it is the majestic mountains, among the forests are vast plains. That opposition makes Slovenia different. The highlight of the country is only 20,000 km2 and the population of about 2 million is Lake Bled. Bled is like a jade in the Julian Alps, 55 km from the capital Ljubljana.


The lake freezes completely from March 2-3 every year. At that time, people and tourists could walk on the lake. For the rest of the month, visitors will have the opportunity to admire its alluring beauty with turquoise clear water, swans swarming and castle shadows, the church looks down on the lake.

Surrounding Lake Bled is a green tree, the road leading up to Bled Castle winding down the side of the mountain. Since ancient times, it has become a favorite picnic, walking, cycling area of ​​local residents and tourists.

Town by Hallstatt lake (Austria)

As a small town on the lake, the Alps are behind, Hallstatt is one of the most famous villages in the world with poetic and peaceful beauty.


Through many ups and downs of history, Hallstatt still maintains the charm of ancient churches, chalets, medieval castles with unique architecture creating an ancient small town. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of Austria’s most popular tourist attractions.

Hallstatt is poetic with pastel-colored houses reflecting on the sparkling lake water. The beauty of houses and streets can be attractive enough for a number of tourists to come here, especially in the sunny summer. In winter, the shops close earlier, but the snowy city scenery is the dream of those who love photography.

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10 world-famous ghost towns in the world

Ghost towns are abandoned settlements for many reasons, including war, economic decline, natural disasters or pollution. Some have become tourist attractions.

1. Craco, Italy

This historic town dates back to 540 BC, built by Greeks. Over the centuries, the town developed constantly. In the early years of the 20th century, subsidence began to occur. In 1963, the whole town was forced to evacuate due to landslides. By 1980, this place was completely abandoned after a major earthquake. Today, Craco is uninhabited but is an attractive tourist destination.


2. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is probably the most famous “ghost city” in the world. Founded in 1970, Pripyat is the 9th nuclear city of the Soviet Union, to support the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 1986, when the Chernobyl disaster took place, the city at that time had nearly 50,000 people forced to evacuate all. Today, the level of radioactivity here has decreased, more and more Ukrainian companies are exploiting guided tours around the area.

3. Varosha, Famagusta, Cyprus

Varosha is the southern quarter of the city of Famagusta, which used to be the most attractive and attractive tourist attraction in the world. Many famous guests have come here to relax like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot. In 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus, Varosha was occupied and the people were forced to flee. Today, Varosha is uninhabited and entry is prohibited.


4. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France

Oradour-Sur-Glane is a village in central France, associated with painful memories during World War II. On June 10, 1944, 642 villagers including women and children were Slaughtered by Nazi Germany, only 30 people were lucky to escape. After the war, then French President Charles de Gaulle decided to turn the village into a memorial. A new village was also rebuilt nearby.

5. Bodie, California, USA

In the 19th century, Bodie was a bustling gold mining town with 2,000 buildings and about 7,000 inhabitants. The town began a recession in the early 20th century due to reduced mining profits. A few years later, when the railway was abandoned, the town officially turned into a ghost town in the wild West of America.

6. Glenrio, Texas/New Mexico, USA

Located on the border of the states of Texas and New Mexico, Glenrio was originally a railway town. There are many interesting business activities such as gas and gas distribution and many supermarkets and bars serving long-distance drivers. After Interstate 40 was built, no one was passing through this route, causing Glenrio to be abandoned and become a ghost town.


7. Kennecott, Alaska, USA

Kennecott town used to be a copper mining center. At the beginning of the 20th century, copper was a valuable mineral due to the invention of electricity, cars, and phones. By the 1930s, copper mining in Kennecott declined gradually due to depleted copper mines. The last train on November 10, 1938 left Kennecott, marking the end of the town.

8. Kolmanskop, Namibia

In 1908, the town Kolmanskop was founded with the main purpose of exploiting diamonds. It is full of hospitals, bars, power stations, schools, theaters, casinos and sports areas. After World War II, the diamond mine was gradually exhausted, Kolmanskop was completely abandoned in 1956. Today, Kolmanskop is located in a restricted area, tourists need a permit if they want to visit.

9. Akarmara, Abkhazia/Georgia

Akarmara was an important coal-mining town during World War II. However, armed conflicts along with the economy declined, causing copper mines to be closed and people forced to relocate. Today, Akarmara is flooding with tourists and travel companies, they come here to experience the old Soviet architecture and the method of operation of copper mines.

10 'thi tran ma' noi tieng the gioi hinh anh 10

10. Kłomino, Poland

Kłomino is a small town in the old Pomerania province of Germany. During World War II, the Germans turned this place into a prisoner camp but were recaptured by the Soviet Red Army in 1945. The town became a military base. When the Soviet Union collapsed, this place was returned to Poland. The Polish government sold the town but no one cared, the people gradually left. Klomino currently has only 5 residents.

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The tourist destination in Iceland hangs closed tables, the indirect cause is said to be Justin Bieber

Attraction from singer Justin Bieber has made resorts in Iceland fall into tourists overload. The management board here had to make a decision to temporarily close, refusing to welcome guests, which made many people regret.

The phenomenon of tourists booming in Iceland in recent years has contributed greatly to this national economy. Although tourists flock to bring many benefits, but also bring a lot of consequences to the landscape here more or less affected, no longer retain the original beauty anymore.

Recently, a tourist resort in Iceland had to put up a closing board for tourists to come in mass after it was chosen by singer Justin Beiber to be the setting for filming the MV “I’ll Show You” in 2015. That’s is Fjadrargljufur gorge.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 1.

Fjadrargljufur is a canyon located in southeast Iceland, about 100 meters deep and 2 km long, created by an erosion from glaciers millions of years ago. The Fjadra river flows between canyons, because the water is not deep and the river is not large, tourists can explore Fjadrargljufur by wading along the river in the summer.

Fjadrargljufur gorge was little known to foreigners and until the end of 2015, when Justin Bieber chose this place to make an MV, a large number of Canadian vocal fans rushed here to check-in, do For the number of tourists to explore this place, can not control.

Reportedly, Iceland Tourism Management Board decided not to give visitors the Fjadrargljufur gorge by crowded arrivals making the ecological environment of the canyon threatened. Some people are unconscious when stepping through the fence, going parallel to the pathway, causing the vegetation around the canyon to be seriously affected.

According to the representative of Iceland resort, male singer Justin Bieber has indirectly caused this situation. They do not completely blame Justin, but they hope celebrities need to be more careful about the effects they bring because it can affect others.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 3.

Since the famous surprise, the number of tourists coming here is too crowded to create a wave of tourist boom. In 2018 alone, Fjadrargljufur welcomed a total of 2.3 million visitors, an increase of 20% each year. While tourists are more and more crowded, the infrastructure here has not fully developed for attentive service, so this place has to say goodbye to visitors for a while to embellish and repair before operating. come back.

Although the canyon has posted large signs about prohibiting visitors, some tourists still ignore it. Many drivers still persistently descended on the narrow, gravel road below, causing security personnel to frequently stop their vehicles to inform that the Fjadrargljufur landscape is suffering many damages, unable to receive more tourists half. In some cases, there are still cases of pleading and bribing security personnel to visit but are denied.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 4.

That said, the tourists coming to a certain place, in addition to visiting and taking photos of check-in, please take care of the place, do not let the beautiful places have to turn closed in regret for themselves. who bring development to the tourism industry.















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Sports Travel: The future driving force of the world tourism industry

Terry Stevens, consultant of the World Tourism Organization, presented many trends in tourism and sports tourism.

In 2001, in Barcelona, ​​the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the President of the International Olympic Committee signed the “Press Release” to recognize tourism and sports as two motivations that contributed to the increase mutual understanding. This move has resonated around the world, is a breakthrough start to today, sports tourism is recognized as a potential field of global tourism.

According to the survey, there are over 1.1 billion people traveling around the world. UNWTO predicts that by 2020, this figure will reach 1.4 billion. The role of tourism can be generalized by numbers such as 9% of global GDP coming from tourism, there is one tourism job in every 11 jobs in the world and it brings this export value up to $ 1,500 billion.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

As for sports tourism, as a diverse industry, sports tourism is considered an important opportunity for emerging and developed destinations. EUROSPORT recently announced that sports tourism contributes about 800 billion USD, accounting for 10% of world tourism income and is on the rise of about 14% each year. Besides, they commented that sports tourism is the heart of global tourism growth.

Tourism British Columbia (Canada) research has proven to make this statement. Sports tourism is the fastest-growing type of tourism in the global tourism industry, bringing in more than US $ 3.4 billion in British Columbia in 2011. Research also shows that in some tourist destinations, tourism is possible. Sports accounted for 25% of total tourism revenue. Especially in the case of Australia and some parts of New Zealand, this figure is 55%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

There is nothing amazing about the growth of sports tourism in the past 10 years. And in the mid-1990s, sports tourism was likened to the sleeping giant of tourism. In particular, the success of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics has made the city’s tourism industry grow rapidly, attracting the attention of global media, sports tourism has become a business sector. full potential through major sporting events and global sports such as golf, soccer and athletics.

Sports tourism is defined as follows: All forms from active and passive participation in sports activities, spontaneous or organized participation, for non-commercial reasons or trade business that needs to go out of place of residence and work place. According to this concept, a manual rock climbing up to the London marathon, from spontaneous to sporting events to the top, is a type of sport that can serve tourism.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

In particular, sports tourism activities do not have borders, are not limited by any factors such as culture, gender, social status. The market for sports tourism, too, can be for all subjects in society. Activities and events of sports tourism increasingly tend to be popular, can attract all classes of people, of all ages, genders, generations, cultures, ethnic groups, origins.

Besides, sports tourism brings greater value than hosting big events that is sustainable development. Sports tourism spread more widely, increasing national brand identity, creating conditions for many start-up businesses, getting the recognition of athletes participating in the event, more active citizens.









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Photo check-in fiery, traveling more than 70 countries of the famous blogger

Spending all the youth to work hard to reach middle age can wander the region and set foot in any part of the world – is this not the dream of many people?

Danielle Greentree, also known as Instagram account @travel_a_little_luxury, is a true Australian woman with blue eyes and shiny blond hair. She has been a travel blogger since 3 years ago and has since become a phenomenon on Instagram with 100,000 followers.

By 2019, Danielle was over 46 years old, but most followers thought she was only in the age of 25 – 30. When asked about the secret of cheating more than two decades old with her looks. She affirmed thanks to her healthy body due to hard work traveling and inheriting good genes from her family.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 1.

Danielle has proven that not only the young men and women with glamorous bodies or lavish players can become Travel Blogger, anyone can travel and inspire others, even if you are 25 or 50 years old.

The first photos Danielle shared were that after she had a trip to the Maldives with her husband, this is also one of her four favorite destinations: Maldives, Peru, Bora Bora and Italy. Danielle’s breathtaking floating photo set immediately brought a huge following, and she became a travel blogger from here.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Danielle expressed: “Most of my destinations are summer resorts, where I can take a dip in turquoise water, and really can’t avoid it. out of bikini”.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 2.

Perhaps not only because of the shimmering check-in photos on Instagram, but also the neat, “fiery” body but thanks to the refreshing energy source, the positive she conveys, the fans love Danielle Greentree more and more. Following her travel journey, the public, especially young people, have a belief in a healthy and healthy life despite their age.

Also during the interview, she shared her healthy lifestyle that helped the aging process slow down. Danielle did not eat processed foods, often eating fruits, vegetables and fish. Every day she spends an hour maintaining strength and fitness through sports like swimming, jogging, yoga …

Danielle thinks it is her age and her experiences that increase her blog’s credibility, although she rarely thinks about being nearly 50 years old. Up to now, in the travel map of female blogger U50, there are more than 70 countries. She spent most of her time outdoors and liked to share advice on exercise with fans.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 3.

Above all, what she treasures the most is the pursuit of passion. “The journey opens the world with new experiences, new friends. This gives me a lot of energy when I return home and feel love”, Danielle said.

Age has never been, and will never be an obstacle for trips, as long as each person has enough passion, health and positive thoughts. As Helen Keller – the female writer, the American speaker once said: “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Whether we want it or not, we all have our own journeys. Just go and enjoy, how old is it okay, right?
















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