10 world-famous ghost towns in the world

Ghost towns are abandoned settlements for many reasons, including war, economic decline, natural disasters or pollution. Some have become tourist attractions.

1. Craco, Italy

This historic town dates back to 540 BC, built by Greeks. Over the centuries, the town developed constantly. In the early years of the 20th century, subsidence began to occur. In 1963, the whole town was forced to evacuate due to landslides. By 1980, this place was completely abandoned after a major earthquake. Today, Craco is uninhabited but is an attractive tourist destination.


2. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is probably the most famous “ghost city” in the world. Founded in 1970, Pripyat is the 9th nuclear city of the Soviet Union, to support the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 1986, when the Chernobyl disaster took place, the city at that time had nearly 50,000 people forced to evacuate all. Today, the level of radioactivity here has decreased, more and more Ukrainian companies are exploiting guided tours around the area.

3. Varosha, Famagusta, Cyprus

Varosha is the southern quarter of the city of Famagusta, which used to be the most attractive and attractive tourist attraction in the world. Many famous guests have come here to relax like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot. In 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus, Varosha was occupied and the people were forced to flee. Today, Varosha is uninhabited and entry is prohibited.


4. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France

Oradour-Sur-Glane is a village in central France, associated with painful memories during World War II. On June 10, 1944, 642 villagers including women and children were Slaughtered by Nazi Germany, only 30 people were lucky to escape. After the war, then French President Charles de Gaulle decided to turn the village into a memorial. A new village was also rebuilt nearby.

5. Bodie, California, USA

In the 19th century, Bodie was a bustling gold mining town with 2,000 buildings and about 7,000 inhabitants. The town began a recession in the early 20th century due to reduced mining profits. A few years later, when the railway was abandoned, the town officially turned into a ghost town in the wild West of America.

6. Glenrio, Texas/New Mexico, USA

Located on the border of the states of Texas and New Mexico, Glenrio was originally a railway town. There are many interesting business activities such as gas and gas distribution and many supermarkets and bars serving long-distance drivers. After Interstate 40 was built, no one was passing through this route, causing Glenrio to be abandoned and become a ghost town.


7. Kennecott, Alaska, USA

Kennecott town used to be a copper mining center. At the beginning of the 20th century, copper was a valuable mineral due to the invention of electricity, cars, and phones. By the 1930s, copper mining in Kennecott declined gradually due to depleted copper mines. The last train on November 10, 1938 left Kennecott, marking the end of the town.

8. Kolmanskop, Namibia

In 1908, the town Kolmanskop was founded with the main purpose of exploiting diamonds. It is full of hospitals, bars, power stations, schools, theaters, casinos and sports areas. After World War II, the diamond mine was gradually exhausted, Kolmanskop was completely abandoned in 1956. Today, Kolmanskop is located in a restricted area, tourists need a permit if they want to visit.

9. Akarmara, Abkhazia/Georgia

Akarmara was an important coal-mining town during World War II. However, armed conflicts along with the economy declined, causing copper mines to be closed and people forced to relocate. Today, Akarmara is flooding with tourists and travel companies, they come here to experience the old Soviet architecture and the method of operation of copper mines.

10 'thi tran ma' noi tieng the gioi hinh anh 10

10. Kłomino, Poland

Kłomino is a small town in the old Pomerania province of Germany. During World War II, the Germans turned this place into a prisoner camp but were recaptured by the Soviet Red Army in 1945. The town became a military base. When the Soviet Union collapsed, this place was returned to Poland. The Polish government sold the town but no one cared, the people gradually left. Klomino currently has only 5 residents.

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The tourist destination in Iceland hangs closed tables, the indirect cause is said to be Justin Bieber

Attraction from singer Justin Bieber has made resorts in Iceland fall into tourists overload. The management board here had to make a decision to temporarily close, refusing to welcome guests, which made many people regret.

The phenomenon of tourists booming in Iceland in recent years has contributed greatly to this national economy. Although tourists flock to bring many benefits, but also bring a lot of consequences to the landscape here more or less affected, no longer retain the original beauty anymore.

Recently, a tourist resort in Iceland had to put up a closing board for tourists to come in mass after it was chosen by singer Justin Beiber to be the setting for filming the MV “I’ll Show You” in 2015. That’s is Fjadrargljufur gorge.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 1.

Fjadrargljufur is a canyon located in southeast Iceland, about 100 meters deep and 2 km long, created by an erosion from glaciers millions of years ago. The Fjadra river flows between canyons, because the water is not deep and the river is not large, tourists can explore Fjadrargljufur by wading along the river in the summer.

Fjadrargljufur gorge was little known to foreigners and until the end of 2015, when Justin Bieber chose this place to make an MV, a large number of Canadian vocal fans rushed here to check-in, do For the number of tourists to explore this place, can not control.

Reportedly, Iceland Tourism Management Board decided not to give visitors the Fjadrargljufur gorge by crowded arrivals making the ecological environment of the canyon threatened. Some people are unconscious when stepping through the fence, going parallel to the pathway, causing the vegetation around the canyon to be seriously affected.

According to the representative of Iceland resort, male singer Justin Bieber has indirectly caused this situation. They do not completely blame Justin, but they hope celebrities need to be more careful about the effects they bring because it can affect others.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 3.

Since the famous surprise, the number of tourists coming here is too crowded to create a wave of tourist boom. In 2018 alone, Fjadrargljufur welcomed a total of 2.3 million visitors, an increase of 20% each year. While tourists are more and more crowded, the infrastructure here has not fully developed for attentive service, so this place has to say goodbye to visitors for a while to embellish and repair before operating. come back.

Although the canyon has posted large signs about prohibiting visitors, some tourists still ignore it. Many drivers still persistently descended on the narrow, gravel road below, causing security personnel to frequently stop their vehicles to inform that the Fjadrargljufur landscape is suffering many damages, unable to receive more tourists half. In some cases, there are still cases of pleading and bribing security personnel to visit but are denied.

Địa điểm du lịch ở Iceland treo bảng đóng cửa, nguyên nhân gián tiếp được cho là vì... Justin Beiber - Ảnh 4.

That said, the tourists coming to a certain place, in addition to visiting and taking photos of check-in, please take care of the place, do not let the beautiful places have to turn closed in regret for themselves. who bring development to the tourism industry.















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Sports Travel: The future driving force of the world tourism industry

Terry Stevens, consultant of the World Tourism Organization, presented many trends in tourism and sports tourism.

In 2001, in Barcelona, ​​the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the President of the International Olympic Committee signed the “Press Release” to recognize tourism and sports as two motivations that contributed to the increase mutual understanding. This move has resonated around the world, is a breakthrough start to today, sports tourism is recognized as a potential field of global tourism.

According to the survey, there are over 1.1 billion people traveling around the world. UNWTO predicts that by 2020, this figure will reach 1.4 billion. The role of tourism can be generalized by numbers such as 9% of global GDP coming from tourism, there is one tourism job in every 11 jobs in the world and it brings this export value up to $ 1,500 billion.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

As for sports tourism, as a diverse industry, sports tourism is considered an important opportunity for emerging and developed destinations. EUROSPORT recently announced that sports tourism contributes about 800 billion USD, accounting for 10% of world tourism income and is on the rise of about 14% each year. Besides, they commented that sports tourism is the heart of global tourism growth.

Tourism British Columbia (Canada) research has proven to make this statement. Sports tourism is the fastest-growing type of tourism in the global tourism industry, bringing in more than US $ 3.4 billion in British Columbia in 2011. Research also shows that in some tourist destinations, tourism is possible. Sports accounted for 25% of total tourism revenue. Especially in the case of Australia and some parts of New Zealand, this figure is 55%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

There is nothing amazing about the growth of sports tourism in the past 10 years. And in the mid-1990s, sports tourism was likened to the sleeping giant of tourism. In particular, the success of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics has made the city’s tourism industry grow rapidly, attracting the attention of global media, sports tourism has become a business sector. full potential through major sporting events and global sports such as golf, soccer and athletics.

Sports tourism is defined as follows: All forms from active and passive participation in sports activities, spontaneous or organized participation, for non-commercial reasons or trade business that needs to go out of place of residence and work place. According to this concept, a manual rock climbing up to the London marathon, from spontaneous to sporting events to the top, is a type of sport that can serve tourism.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho DU LỊCH THỂ THAO

In particular, sports tourism activities do not have borders, are not limited by any factors such as culture, gender, social status. The market for sports tourism, too, can be for all subjects in society. Activities and events of sports tourism increasingly tend to be popular, can attract all classes of people, of all ages, genders, generations, cultures, ethnic groups, origins.

Besides, sports tourism brings greater value than hosting big events that is sustainable development. Sports tourism spread more widely, increasing national brand identity, creating conditions for many start-up businesses, getting the recognition of athletes participating in the event, more active citizens.









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Photo check-in fiery, traveling more than 70 countries of the famous blogger

Spending all the youth to work hard to reach middle age can wander the region and set foot in any part of the world – is this not the dream of many people?

Danielle Greentree, also known as Instagram account @travel_a_little_luxury, is a true Australian woman with blue eyes and shiny blond hair. She has been a travel blogger since 3 years ago and has since become a phenomenon on Instagram with 100,000 followers.

By 2019, Danielle was over 46 years old, but most followers thought she was only in the age of 25 – 30. When asked about the secret of cheating more than two decades old with her looks. She affirmed thanks to her healthy body due to hard work traveling and inheriting good genes from her family.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 1.

Danielle has proven that not only the young men and women with glamorous bodies or lavish players can become Travel Blogger, anyone can travel and inspire others, even if you are 25 or 50 years old.

The first photos Danielle shared were that after she had a trip to the Maldives with her husband, this is also one of her four favorite destinations: Maldives, Peru, Bora Bora and Italy. Danielle’s breathtaking floating photo set immediately brought a huge following, and she became a travel blogger from here.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Danielle expressed: “Most of my destinations are summer resorts, where I can take a dip in turquoise water, and really can’t avoid it. out of bikini”.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 2.

Perhaps not only because of the shimmering check-in photos on Instagram, but also the neat, “fiery” body but thanks to the refreshing energy source, the positive she conveys, the fans love Danielle Greentree more and more. Following her travel journey, the public, especially young people, have a belief in a healthy and healthy life despite their age.

Also during the interview, she shared her healthy lifestyle that helped the aging process slow down. Danielle did not eat processed foods, often eating fruits, vegetables and fish. Every day she spends an hour maintaining strength and fitness through sports like swimming, jogging, yoga …

Danielle thinks it is her age and her experiences that increase her blog’s credibility, although she rarely thinks about being nearly 50 years old. Up to now, in the travel map of female blogger U50, there are more than 70 countries. She spent most of her time outdoors and liked to share advice on exercise with fans.

Ảnh check-in “bốc lá»­a”, đi du lịch hÆ¡n 70 quốc gia: Ai mà nghÄ© nữ blogger này đã gần 50 tuổi được chứ? - Ảnh 3.

Above all, what she treasures the most is the pursuit of passion. “The journey opens the world with new experiences, new friends. This gives me a lot of energy when I return home and feel love”, Danielle said.

Age has never been, and will never be an obstacle for trips, as long as each person has enough passion, health and positive thoughts. As Helen Keller – the female writer, the American speaker once said: “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Whether we want it or not, we all have our own journeys. Just go and enjoy, how old is it okay, right?
















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The cult series made Bangkok the hottest destination in April

A series of cultural events – entertainment simultaneously took place making Bangkok the hottest destination for young Asians in April.

If you have a free time and want to have a surprise trip, try it!

April 6-7: BTS World Tour “Love Yourself” in Bangkok

On April 6-7, two nights in the World Tour “Love Yourself” will be officially held at Bangkok’s Rajamangala National Stadium. Since the beginning of March, thousands of ARMY (BTS fan community) have been buying tickets and preparing a schedule to come to Thailand so hard. Fares of this event range from 2000-6800 bath.

Loạt sự kiện đình đám khiến Bangkok trở thành điểm đến hot nhất tháng 4 này, trong đó có một sự kiện mang tính cột mốc với Kpop - Ảnh 4.

Not only is it a rare opportunity to meet bias at a close distance, this is also an opportunity for BTS fans to live in their idol’s music with the cost of travel and safe meals. with money. Known as the Rajamangala National Stadium – the place BTS chose to perform is Thailand’s largest stadium, accommodating nearly 50k spectators. With this visit, BigHit Entertainment’s pet is also the first idol from Korea to hold a concert here. Although it hasn’t happened yet, but with the heat of BTS and the Rajamangala stadium’s size, everyone can imagine how spectacular the scene will be!

From April 13-15: Songkran traditional festival

On this day, every place in Thailand is closed, people flock to the street to … compete with each other to shoot water. In the concept of the land of Golden Temple, the more you get wet when playing Songkran, the more success and luck you will gain in that year.

Loạt sự kiện đình đám khiến Bangkok trở thành điểm đến hot nhất tháng 4 này, trong đó có một sự kiện mang tính cột mốc với Kpop - Ảnh 6.

Songkran holidays in Thailand usually take place in  3 days. The first day (Wan Sungkharn Long) is used to clean the house and shake off the old ones, the second day (Wan Nao) is preparing food in the upcoming holidays, the 3rd day (Wan Payawan) is the day up. The temple offered food, clothes, cleaned the Buddha and sprinkled fragrant water, which was also the beginning of the water festival.

April 28: Concert Ed Sheeran

Another artist chose Bangkok as a sweeping point in April, and it was Ed Sheeran – the prince of sweet love songs. In Asia, Ed’s World Tour goes through a series of major cities such as Tokyo (Japan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia)…

Loạt sự kiện đình đám khiến Bangkok trở thành điểm đến hot nhất tháng 4 này, trong đó có một sự kiện mang tính cột mốc với Kpop - Ảnh 16.

Tickets for this event range from 2000-6000 bath. The interesting thing is that the venue for Ed Sheeran’s concert is also where BTS will perform 3 weeks earlier. In addition to fans from Thailand, this event also attracts fans from many neighborhoods such as Taiwan, China …

The chance to get into the crowd once and sing a bunch of Ed’s hits like “Shape of you”, “Thinking out loud”, “Photograph” … is very close. Do you dare to play loudly once for them to admire them? 2 more weeks to think about!











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Nightmare of passengers stranded on drifting yachts in Norway

An American passenger could not forget the moment when she heard horrible noises and the ship shook, the water rushed in.

Viking Sky’s yacht carries 1,373 passengers and crew when its engine is suddenly broken in Norway’s famous wave-prone coast. The crew sent an emergency signal at noon on March 23. In the dark night, 5 helicopters rescued hundreds of tourists on the ship wobbly on the wave. The rescue took place in difficult conditions, severe weather with wind gusts of nearly 70 km/h and waves of up to 8 m.

Passenger Dereck Brown replied to Norwegian newspaper Romsdal Budstikke: “We saw two people taken off the boat on a stretcher. Everyone was alert, many were scared but still calm.” Around 16:30 on March 24, the yacht docked after 6 hours was towed to the sea, the New York Times reported. All the remaining passengers on the boat were safe, and began flying home last night.

Emil Heggelund, đại diện lực lượng bảo vệ bờ biển Na Uy, ước tính đáy du thuyền cách những tảng đá dưới mặt nước 100 mét và cách bờ 900 mét khi động cơ đột ngột hỏng. Ảnh: REX.

“We confirmed 20 people were injured in this incident, and are being cared for at medical centers in Norway, some have been discharged”, Viking Ocean Cruises, a company representative said. Carolyn Savikas from Pennsylvania (USA) could not forget the moment when she heard “horrible noises” and the ship shook, water rushed in. “We were sitting in a restaurant when suddenly a big wave rushed over, the water was all over the floor. All I saw was the limbs, the water and the tables and chairs, just like what you saw in Titanic”, she said. answer Norwegian newspaper VG.

Rodney Horgen, who lives in the state of Minnesota (USA), went on a cruise to Norway to make his pilgrimage longing for his hometown, but the experience quickly turned into a nightmare, according to AP. The 62-year-old man knows what happens when the yacht is tilted, all passengers are taken to a central room where there is a lifeboat. He felt like the end of the world when a big wave broke through the window, dragging his wife, Judie Lemieux, down over 9 meters on the floor.

Trực thăng đưa hành khách vào bờ ngày 24/3. Ảnh: Svein Ove Ekornesvag/AP.

“When the windows and doors opened, the two-meter-high water stream swept away many people and the furniture went a few meters away. I grabbed his wife’s hand but could not hold it tightly. thrown in the opposite direction when the wave changed direction”, Mr. Horgen recalled.

Many passengers were injured due to broken glass cutting into their hands and face. Despite being a veteran fisherman, Mr. Horgen has never experienced such a violent sea. “I don’t expect much. I know how cold the water is, where we are, what the waves are, and everything. You won’t be able to stay for too long. It’s horrifying”, he said.

Hành khách ngồi đợi được sơ tán khỏi du thuyền vào 23/3. Ảnh: Michal Stewart.

Police said the crew was afraid of the stranded ship, so they managed to dock in Hustadvika Bay so that the rescue could take place. A tugboat and two other ships support Viking Sky from the bay to Molde, Norway.

Before the accident, the yacht took passengers through the towns and cities of Narvik, Alta, Tromso, Bodo and Stavanger (Norway), scheduled to arrive at Tilbury on the Thames (England) on March 26. The 12-day trip begins on March 8 in Bergen, northern Norway. Passengers on board mainly carry US, British, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian nationalities.






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LeBron James revealed a tour that helped change his career

After 16 years of playing in the NBA, LeBron James is now not only a monument to basketball players but also a model for athletes around the world. However, the path to becoming great like today is not easy.

Remember in 2010, when deciding to move from Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat, LeBron James was cast as the “first villain” in the NBA. It is not easy for LeBron James.

“LeBron James at that time was completely disoriented in life when he did not know what to do to handle this widespread publicity. He was stuck because he suddenly became an antagonist while the word so far used to be praised and loved by everyone, “a reporter shared about the difficulty LeBron James faced.

Nghe LeBron James hé lộ làm thế nào một chuyến du lịch đã giúp thay đổi cả sự nghiệp của anh

Media crises like this easily defeat anyone, even basketball players like LeBron James are no exception. However, he was fortunate to overcome it through a trip with his close friend Dwyane Wade.

In the summer of 2011, Dwyane Wade and her wife, some close friends and LeBron James went to the Bahamas to rest. This is where LeBron James regained confidence, returned to himself and was ready to cope with all difficulties. On the white sand beach stretching in the poetic Bahama Beach, LeBron James and his close friends have a serious talk with sincere advice.

Nghe LeBron James hé lộ làm thế nào một chuyến du lịch đã giúp thay đổi cả sự nghiệp của anh

“They told me a lot. They said: “Listen, you need to return to your own person, remember who you are. We understand what led to his becoming a villain like today. But that’s not you. He could not conclude his career with the image of going to the field and becoming a bad guy to face the world like that.

He needs to regain the feeling of playing the Magic Johnson legend, combined with Penny Hardaway’s sophistication but still full of determination like Michael Jordan. That is himself. You are yourself. Don’t let the outside world make you have to become someone else”, LeBron James recalls about a worthwhile summer talk in 2011.

Those words of Dwyane Wade and Rich Paul or even Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade’s wife) reawakened LeBron James’s lost thoughts. After the NBA final against the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, LeBron James and his Miami Heat comrades returned and dominated the NBA for the next three seasons.

Nghe LeBron James hé lộ làm thế nào một chuyến du lịch đã giúp thay đổi cả sự nghiệp của anh

“If I didn’t have Dwyane Wade in my life, I wouldn’t be able to sit here with the position and the glorious achievements like today”, LeBron James said. From the opponent, becoming a teammate, then back into a rival, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade created one of the best friendship stories that ever existed in the NBA. Whatever happens, the relationship between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is always the same.

“Many people say that we should not be friends with rivals because then, we will not be able to compete with them. However, even if we are close friends, we are constantly competing, competing with each other to push themselves to new heights”, LeBron James talks about their friendship.






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5 tourist destinations promise to be very hot in 2019!

If you are also in need of a special and memorable trip in 2019, you must consult 5 interesting places below.


Traveling to China, you will feel extremely excited with the modern and ancient architecture here. Using a bike to go for a walk or visit the city scene will save you money and discover many interesting places yourself.

Được dân tình check-in ngày càng nhiều, 5 địa điểm du lịch này hứa hẹn sẽ cực hot trong năm 2019! - Ảnh 2.

Chinese weather is usually cool and pleasant in spring and autumn, while summer and winter temperatures are quite different, so be sure to learn before you leave!


Romance and romanticism are always the words that best describe Italy. No wonder why recently, people in the country suddenly rushed to Italy too much! The evidence is that just walking around on Instagram, it’s not hard to see photos checked-in in this dreamy country!

Được dân tình check-in ngày càng nhiều, 5 địa điểm du lịch này hứa hẹn sẽ cực hot trong năm 2019! - Ảnh 8.

The romantic canals in the city and the old houses with colorful walls are the place to check-in hard to ignore if once set foot in Italy. You can move around in the city by bike or on foot to enjoy the scenery and take virtual photos!


Referring to America is mentioning luxury tours with the world’s richest cities. So, if you have a lot of money and are quite determined to go a trip in the new year, then American tourism is the bullet that you should consider.

Được dân tình check-in ngày càng nhiều, 5 địa điểm du lịch này hứa hẹn sẽ cực hot trong năm 2019! - Ảnh 15.

For those who like to be active, excited, go to New York or Las Vegas or Los Angeles… You can move between these cities with a kind of public transport like metro, taxi or bus.


Recently, the check-in frequency of young people in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nikko,… is increasing. Coming to Japan, you are not only spoiled for gastronomic experience, visiting ancient buildings but also learning more about the culture and lifestyle here.

Được dân tình check-in ngày càng nhiều, 5 địa điểm du lịch này hứa hẹn sẽ cực hot trong năm 2019! - Ảnh 23.

Known to be a modern and dynamic developing country, but if you come to Japan, you will be surprised by the peace of scenery and life here. The street corners, small streets or pretty small cafes are always the check-in spots that many young people choose.

If you want to travel to Japan and then enjoy watching cherry blossoms bloom. Just schedule the service around February and March. Make sure you get a virtual live photo gallery with cherry blossoms to see.


For those who are followers of Taiwanese drama, surely want to set foot here to visit, explore life and scenery in a thorough way. One thing that is noticeable here is Taipei, where you can also see the scenery or the architecture in both ancient and modern style.

Được dân tình check-in ngày càng nhiều, 5 địa điểm du lịch này hứa hẹn sẽ cực hot trong năm 2019! - Ảnh 35.

In Taiwan, anywhere can become a virtual living space of thousands of likes. There is no shortage of famous places you should not miss: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Shifen Waterfall,…











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10 cities flooded with snow in the winter

These are the cities famous for snowfall in winter. They are so much and thick that they can create “snow corridors” along the paths in the city.

1. Aomori City, Japan

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 1

Located on the northern coast of Japan’s Honshu Island, the city of Aomori earned the title of World Snow City – with an average annual snowfall of 7.92 meters.

Most snow falls between November and April. Meteorologists believe that Aomori’s heavy snowfall is the result of the wind and cold air that accelerates the formation of clouds and cold weather from Northeast Asia. The record low temperature in Aomori was recorded at -24.7 degrees Celsius, in 1931.

2. Sapporo, Japan

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 2

Sapporo, another Japanese city, is located on the island of Hokkaido, which is the second largest snowfall in the world with an average annual snowfall of 4.87 meters.

Ski lovers often go to Niseko area. This is a famous ski area in the world with a huge amount of snow, deep to the thighs. The annual Sapporo Snow Festival displays huge sculptures with snow and ice. The city is also home to the 1972 Winter Olympics.

3. Toyama, Japan

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 3

The third snow city in the world is Toyama, located on the west coast of Japan. It has an average annual snowfall of 3.62 meters. In summer, Toyama has a humid subtropical climate but between December and March, temperatures drop sharply and snow begins to fall heavily.

4. St. John’s, Canada

St John’s is located on Newfoundland Island in Canada through winter with an average of 3.35 meters of snow per year.

This area is known for the harsh weather in the world. It also holds the title of the most foggy, windiest and cloudiest city in Canada. The coldest month here is February, when the average temperature may drop to -8.6 degrees Celsius.

5. Quebec, Canada

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 5

Standing at 5th place with an average of 3.13 meters of snow is Quebec, the capital of the province of Quebec, Canada. In the picture is snow covered on the beautiful Frontenac castle.

The snow here usually falls from December to April. To celebrate winter, every year the city celebrates the Winter Festival in February.

6. Syracuse, USA

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 6

The city of Syracuse in New York state holds the title of the most snowfall in the United States and is the fifth most snowy place in the world. Syracuse has an average of 3.14 meters of snow every winter when it is located near Lake Ontario and is often affected by tornadoes.

University of Syracuse Syracuse is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Although the winter is harsh, students here rarely get off school during the winter.

7. Saguenay, Canada

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 7

In every winter, snow is piled up on the roadside in Saguenay, Canada. The cold winter temperature here is partly due to the cold water of the Labrador stream coming from the North Atlantic. Snow in Saguenay falls on average 3.12 meters per year.

8. Akita, Japan

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 8

Akita is located on the northwest coast of Honshu Island, the eighth snow city in the world, with an average snowfall of less than 2.74 meters. The city is home to many ski resorts thanks to its mountainous location. Akita overlooks Lake Tazawa – the deepest volcanic lake in Japan.

9. Rochester, United States

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 9

Located in the suburbs of New York, Rochester is on the 9th place with an average annual snowfall of more than 2.4 meters. Temperatures in cold months can drop below -17 degrees Celsius. In summer, however, temperatures rise to 20 degrees Celsius.

10. Buffalo, United States

10 thành phố ngập trong “biển” tuyết vào mùa đông - 10

Located at the source of the Niagara River, Buffalo, on the outskirts of New York, is in 10th place because the snow here only submerges below 2.4 meters per year. Snow in Buffalo falls mainly from December to March. The only exception is 2015, when the El Nilo winds blow so hard that the snowfall cannot be measured.











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Discover The Travel Preferences Of Mbappe And French Players

After a moment of playing on the grass, the outstanding faces of France often choose to relax or satisfy their personal interests.

France’s victory over Argentina called the hero Kylian Mbappe with a convincing performance. The prestigious tournament also enrolled Mbappe in history as the youngest to double in the knockout round. Mbappe of life is often a young, carefree 19-year-old boy who especially likes cartoon characters. He is also nicknamed “Ninja Turtles” by his teammates and fans by a face similar to this character.

When idle, Mbappe regularly visits amusement parks in France. Last April, he discovered Parc Astérix – the park simulated by the Asterix comic strip, located 30 km north of Paris. In 11/2017, Mbappe had moments back to childhood at Disneyland amusement park in Paris, which is famous for creating Disney characters and animation scenes.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 2

Mbappe and her friends also chose the hotel of Disneyland Paris to celebrate the 2017 Christmas with Mickey and Minnie characters. Defender Raphael Varane – who opened the score to set the stage for France’s victory with Uruguay is always traveling with his family. His travels with his wife Camille Tytgat and his handsome son filled with love and a happy smile. Real Madrid player and his wife and children live in Spain but often return to their home country in France during each holiday. In April 2017, his family returned to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower as real tourists.

To welcome the new year of 2018, the Ravane family chose the magnificent capital London (England) as the destination. Take the time to visit the Winter Wonderland amusement park at Hyde Park, round up London Eye to admire the view from above or go shopping in the chic commercial center of Harrods. Ravane and his wife and I must have had a memorable and meaningful time together.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 3

Ravane and his wife often warmed up with romantic trips to the sea in Spain. In September 2017, Ravane showed off her love photos to her wife on a trip to Ibiza, a city famous for its lively life on the Mediterranean coast. The summer of 2017 marks the meaningful vacation of the Ravane family in Madrid, Spain. In the fragrant picture of Ravane on the boy’s forehead, he humorously wrote the caption of “#TeamRavane” (Ravane team) as confirming the father’s strong feelings.

Deciding not to celebrate the goal against Uruguay because of love with this country, few know Antoine Griezmann also has a great love for two sports: horse racing and basketball. Ahead of the World Cup, Griezmann’s Princesa took part in the Lyon – Parilly race in his home country and finished third in the final. Most of Griezmann’s travels to the US are to watch matches in the NBA professional basketball tournament. Christmas season 2017, Griezmann arrives in New York to watch soccer matches and meet professional basketball players of Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 4

Not only favorite, Griezmann is also passionate about practicing basketball and a hard fan of the Boston Celtics. In May 2017, the French striker had a trip to Boston to watch the NBA Playoffs – the finals that decided the final NBA champion.






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