Look Who’s Gardening in Montana!!

Maybe you have been wondering where ole Flat Ruthie has been hiding.  She is out of her burrow and looking at a shadow in the sunny state of Montana.

Flat Ruthie had Montana on her list of states to visit for a long time but somehow Real Ruthie ignored her pleas to get mailed  and so she was being carted around in the bottom of a school bag under a heavy pile of assorted necessities for longer than RR cares to admit.  I can’t think of a better time to start blogging Flat Ruthie than right now.

She finally made it out to MONTANA ( a new state!) and got put to work right away.

Here is what Valerie writes:

I hope that Ruthie likes gardening as I spend a lot of time doing that!
It’s sunny in Montana right now, but the snow is still on the mountains surrounding us!
She survived the trip and is ready to start her new adventures!
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