Life in the coldest place in the world in Covid-19 (Part 1)

ANTARCTICA – The coldest place on earth is still considered the safest place in the world due to the absence of nCoV.

The most popular way to visit Antarctica is by yacht. In Covid-19, many were worried that the coldest region of the world might be contagious, when yachts were considered major outbreaks. However, the virus was unable to “set foot” on the frozen shores of this region. And now, as Antarctica is entering the winter months, the sun disappears and people live mostly in the dark, trips are not organized, Covid-19 seems even more unlikely to export.

Ảnh: Alexey Kudenko/Sputnik.

Except for penguins, whales, seals and gulls, there are about 5,000 people living here. The majority of them are scientists, studying at about 80 bases across the continent and the number of visitors coming and going with each train.

Keri Nelson, the administrative coordinator at Palmer station on Antwerp Island, America’s farthest research station in Antarctica, is one of them. 

Nelson often shares his life in Antarctica on Instagram. She said that even when Covid-19 did not appear and visitors still visit regularly, life here is no different from the isolation that the American people are doing. And a life of self-isolation is not always easy. Nelson tried to find entertainment by thinking of work to do. But what she felt luckier than everyone was that she was trapped in a beautiful place. Nelson’s life is surrounded by many wildlife and beautiful nature. Even so, she sometimes feels guilty for being so far away and not being able to accompany her family and loved ones during the pandemic.

Trạm Palmer từng đón hàng nghìn khách du lịch vào mùa trước, nhưng năm nay số lượng giảm đáng kể vì đại dịch. Ảnh: CNN.

Robert Taylor, 29, from Scotland, is a field guide who supports scientists in conducting research. He is staying at the Rothera research station, a British survey facility on the island of Adelaide, off the west coast of Antarctica.

Taylor said at first it was not too concerned about the pandemic when it came to spreading in China. After that, a few cases appeared in the UK and now this place is becoming one of the largest outbreaks in the world. Now Taylor is quite worried about her relatives at home, especially her grandmother. Referring to the Antarctic tracking the Covid-19 situation at home, Taylor said: “It’s like being on the moon and looking down. We can see what’s going on, but watching from a very far”.

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