Learn About Merlion Park of Singapore

Merlion Park is a major tourist attraction in Singapore, located in One Fullerton near the Central Business District (CBD), where two statues of sea lions are located at the park.

The original statue is 8.6 meters high, while the smaller one is near the original 2 meters high. When coming to the park, Singaporean tourists do not miss the opportunity to take photos in front of this world-famous tourist icon.

Famous lion statues

Merlion Park is not just a park when it is a symbolic place for Singapore. The 2,500-square-foot park, perhaps best known for its lion head Merlion statue, the center of it, the lion head statue, the fish body riding on the waves quickly became one of the floating images. The language creates the symbol of Singapore tourism. The 70-meter-high and 70-meter-tall Sea Lion statue was built and designed by the hands and creativity of a local sculptor named Lim Nang Seng, no one knows when this symbol has become the pride of the indigenous people when it comes to their beautiful country.

The statue only turns to the east even after all these years. Because according to people here, the East is the direction to bring prosperity to their country and it is said that the body of the Merlion fish symbolizes the humility of Singaporeans. Because the image of the fish comes from a small fishing village on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, while the lion’s head is derived from the early name of Singapura, which means the lion city.

Highlights of the Sea Lion Park

with a wide view of the city, this waterfront park has become a busy all day attraction attracting millions of visitors each year, where it is opened. door 24 hours a day to catch Singaporean touristsfrom all over. Sea lions park in the top 10 beautiful scenes of Singapore not to be missed.

The park today has been expanded to build more cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops so visitors can stop for a rest after taking a walk around the park. People can chat, drop soul along the quiet lake, enjoy typical drinks and drinks and can buy souvenirs as gifts for friends and relatives when visiting this place!

Notes to visit the park

Visitors should come here early in the morning or late at night to avoid the crowds and enjoy the especially pleasant view from Marina Bay with open space. In addition, you can watch Marina Bay Sands’ light, laser and water show twice a night called Wonder Full from Marina Bay when visiting Sea Lion Park at exactly the same time space takes place.

Merlion Park Sea Lion Park is not only a national symbol but also a symbol of the humble beginning of people and culture here. If you come here, do not forget to record impressive souvenir photos offline.

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