How To Prepare for an International Trip

The most important aspect of travelling abroad is being fully prepared. Before you decide to jet off to a distant land, make sure you cover these vital to-dos. Following our checklist will ensure that you are financially ready and that you are well-packed prior to your trip.

Ensure Your Visa and Passport is Up-To-Date

Most countries will require your passport to be valid for at least six months after you return from your holiday. We recommend updating your passport at least nine months before it expires. It’s crucial that you check your passport before planning your trip. Should you need to renew it, simply search for the closest passport facility and get it done and dusted. It usually takes up to 6 weeks to receive a renewed passport, so keep that in mind as well.

Keep An Eye Out for Travel Advisories and Warnings

Prior to your trip, ensure that you find out if there are any travel warnings. This is especially needed for countries where issues can create a risky environment for new travellers. Most travel insurance policies do not cover countries that fall under travel warnings. Make sure that you follow the news on your planned destination or speak to a travel agency to find out more.

Fill Prescriptions and Get Vaccinations

There are loads of websites you can use to find out the necessary vaccination requirements and health information for your planned destination. To ensure you receive maximum protection, get the necessary shots at least six weeks before you depart. Should you want to travel to a certain destination where disease is rampant, discuss it with a travel medicine professional. If you are taking prescribed medicine, make sure its always in your carry-on bag with your prescriptions.

Register Your Trip

Should you decide to travel to a remote area or outside an industrial country, it’s beneficial to register online and provide your itinerary. If there’s an emergency, your government will know exactly where you are and how to contact you. You can also leave all your details with friends and family to ensure they can get a hold of you while you are away.

Stock Your Wallet

You will need to select one or two debit/credit cards to take with you on your vacation, and you will need to contact your bank to inform them that you’ll be travelling abroad. Inform them where you are going and ensure your credit/debit card is unlocked for international use. If you avoid this step, your cards might decline while you’re on vacation and that’s the last thing you want. Also, ensure that you have the bank’s contact details if your card goes missing.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Don’t be surprised when your health insurance refuses to cover you while you are abroad. Therefore, you will need to consider getting emergency medical insurance and medical evacuation. In addition, if your vacation requires a sizeable down payment in advance, cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance is ideal for the unexpected.

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