FR and Dopplegänger Visit Charleston – First Report

Flat Ruthie writes (with a little help from Shuey, no motorcycle this trip though!)

I love to travel; no worries and I’m free to eat whatever I want without any calorie worries.  It’s good to be Flat Ruthie!

I recently took a trip up to Charleston to tour with my friends Bob and Joyce from Virginia and Shuey and Connie from Florida.

 Here we are at the entrance to the Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston.

After a short wait and tour of the museum, we boarded the ferry out to Fort Sumterwhere the first shots of the American Civil War were fired.  It was a nice ride with some great views of the Charleston shoreline and surrounding area.

As we approached the island, this is what it looked like.  It was noted during the tour that the fort originally was more than twice as tall as it is today.  The Federal troops who held the fort when the South fired on it had surrendered in one day with no casualties, but when the Union later tried to take it back from the Confederates, the Rebs held out and a siege ensued lasting 1,407 days with over 7 million pounds of ordnance reducing the two top levels of the fort to rubble.  The Rebels held and the fort’s defenses were never breached.  The Confederate forces finally choose to abandon the fort rather than surrender as massive Union ground forces approached Charleston.

Here’s the view of Charleston from Fort Sumter.  It looks smaller in the picture than it did standing in the wind looking at it.

These are the three flags of Fort Sumter:  The United States Flag, the First Flag of the Confederacy and the South Carolina state flag.

The ferry ride back to Charleston provided a beautiful view of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr., Bridge.  It’s the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America and is stunning with the sun shining on the silvery white cables.

Longest Cable Bridge in North America

Well, enough of this lollygaging around, time to EAT!

What’s this?  I see myself, but, it’s not me, is it?  Well, . . . yes it is!

There’s lots of great food in Charleston and none better than at Hyman’s Restaurantwith good friends and  . . . myself!

How about some catfish, sweet potato souffle; and it just wouldn’t be a true Southern meal without some melt-in-your-mouth hush puppies, now would it?  We liked it a lot!

That’s it for this report.  More coming as we toured a rice plantation and the nation’s oldest landscaped gardens.

See ya’ll later,

Flat Ruthie and . .  Flat Ruthie

Thanks Shuey.  Your lettering system on the pictures was superb. No chance for any confusion. xxoo

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