Discover The Travel Preferences Of Mbappe And French Players

After a moment of playing on the grass, the outstanding faces of France often choose to relax or satisfy their personal interests.

France’s victory over Argentina called the hero Kylian Mbappe with a convincing performance. The prestigious tournament also enrolled Mbappe in history as the youngest to double in the knockout round. Mbappe of life is often a young, carefree 19-year-old boy who especially likes cartoon characters. He is also nicknamed “Ninja Turtles” by his teammates and fans by a face similar to this character.

When idle, Mbappe regularly visits amusement parks in France. Last April, he discovered Parc Astérix – the park simulated by the Asterix comic strip, located 30 km north of Paris. In 11/2017, Mbappe had moments back to childhood at Disneyland amusement park in Paris, which is famous for creating Disney characters and animation scenes.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 2

Mbappe and her friends also chose the hotel of Disneyland Paris to celebrate the 2017 Christmas with Mickey and Minnie characters. Defender Raphael Varane – who opened the score to set the stage for France’s victory with Uruguay is always traveling with his family. His travels with his wife Camille Tytgat and his handsome son filled with love and a happy smile. Real Madrid player and his wife and children live in Spain but often return to their home country in France during each holiday. In April 2017, his family returned to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower as real tourists.

To welcome the new year of 2018, the Ravane family chose the magnificent capital London (England) as the destination. Take the time to visit the Winter Wonderland amusement park at Hyde Park, round up London Eye to admire the view from above or go shopping in the chic commercial center of Harrods. Ravane and his wife and I must have had a memorable and meaningful time together.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 3

Ravane and his wife often warmed up with romantic trips to the sea in Spain. In September 2017, Ravane showed off her love photos to her wife on a trip to Ibiza, a city famous for its lively life on the Mediterranean coast. The summer of 2017 marks the meaningful vacation of the Ravane family in Madrid, Spain. In the fragrant picture of Ravane on the boy’s forehead, he humorously wrote the caption of “#TeamRavane” (Ravane team) as confirming the father’s strong feelings.

Deciding not to celebrate the goal against Uruguay because of love with this country, few know Antoine Griezmann also has a great love for two sports: horse racing and basketball. Ahead of the World Cup, Griezmann’s Princesa took part in the Lyon – Parilly race in his home country and finished third in the final. Most of Griezmann’s travels to the US are to watch matches in the NBA professional basketball tournament. Christmas season 2017, Griezmann arrives in New York to watch soccer matches and meet professional basketball players of Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid.

Kham pha so thich du lich cua Mbappe va cac cau thu tuyen Phap hinh anh 4

Not only favorite, Griezmann is also passionate about practicing basketball and a hard fan of the Boston Celtics. In May 2017, the French striker had a trip to Boston to watch the NBA Playoffs – the finals that decided the final NBA champion.






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