Discover the Eastern European gems for you to travel

In the journey to travel through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, you have the opportunity to stop at famous destinations such as Lake Bled, Lake Plitvice, the green city of Ljubljana.

Eastern Europe is a land of many ups and downs, possessing a cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. Journey to Eastern Europe through 4 typical countries like Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia helps you better understand the rich potential of tourism.

Ljubljana Green City (Slovenia)

Ljubljana is one of the most livable and green cities in Europe. Lonely Planet Magazine once commented that Ljubljana is “a perfect picture like Switzerland but living standards are much easier to breathe”.


Since more than 10 years ago, Ljubljana has implemented a policy to ban all cars in the central region. Green spaces appear anywhere in the city, even in the central area, which is often crowded.

Ljubljana is an ancient city so just walking along the river in the city, visitors will easily encounter Roman cultural relics imprinted on the road. The symbol of Ljubljana is the Dragon Bridge with a beautiful and majestic dragon-shaped stone statue. Surrounded by old town with colorful houses of tile color and brick wall. Many outdoor cafes are located along the river or on paved roads.

Lake Bled – the jewel of the Balkan region (Slovenia)

The landscape in Slovenia changes constantly, visitors can see the blue sea and behind it is the majestic mountains, among the forests are vast plains. That opposition makes Slovenia different. The highlight of the country is only 20,000 km2 and the population of about 2 million is Lake Bled. Bled is like a jade in the Julian Alps, 55 km from the capital Ljubljana.


The lake freezes completely from March 2-3 every year. At that time, people and tourists could walk on the lake. For the rest of the month, visitors will have the opportunity to admire its alluring beauty with turquoise clear water, swans swarming and castle shadows, the church looks down on the lake.

Surrounding Lake Bled is a green tree, the road leading up to Bled Castle winding down the side of the mountain. Since ancient times, it has become a favorite picnic, walking, cycling area of ​​local residents and tourists.

Town by Hallstatt lake (Austria)

As a small town on the lake, the Alps are behind, Hallstatt is one of the most famous villages in the world with poetic and peaceful beauty.


Through many ups and downs of history, Hallstatt still maintains the charm of ancient churches, chalets, medieval castles with unique architecture creating an ancient small town. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of Austria’s most popular tourist attractions.

Hallstatt is poetic with pastel-colored houses reflecting on the sparkling lake water. The beauty of houses and streets can be attractive enough for a number of tourists to come here, especially in the sunny summer. In winter, the shops close earlier, but the snowy city scenery is the dream of those who love photography.

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