BRRRRR from Homer, Alaska!

Hello from Alaska,
I’m Lisa Ellington and I met Ruth in college in Connecticut. 
We have corresponded through the years but have only seen each other twice.
Once in Fort Knox, Kentucky (1976)  when Mark was a baby and once in Mystic, Connecticut in 1997 when I met  Laura for the first time.
I got in touch a few years back to inquire about a school my son was interested in that was in Pittsburgh and that started my subscription to her daily blog.  My husband and I both enjoy this daily look into Ruth’s life and creative interests.  Dave is anxious to meet you, Ruth! 
We thank you again for including Chris’ FORERUNNER game launch on your blog. 
The team is close to securing some contract work!
Most people visit Alaska in the summer…
Homer is has been called  the “Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea” or the town at the end of the road.  It is located on Kachemak Bay, 225 miles south of Anchorage on the road system. 
It is famous for halibut fishing and its arts community.  We’ve lived here for 31 years.

FR arriving at our house which is 5 miles from downtown Homer.

Here FR and I are looking down on Kachemak Bay in Homer.

Another view across Kachemak Bay – Homer Spit (a 5 mile long jut of land – formed from glacial movement) and the Kenai Mountains. Thanks for visiting! Lisa

Thanks for visiting!  Lisa
And thanks for hosting Flat Ruthie.
 Hawaii last week and now Alaska.  Flat Ruthie really gets around!!!
If you would like to have a visit from Flat Ruthie, email your snail mail address to and she will be on her way.
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