Big Sky Report from Flat Ruthie and Valerie

Can’t wait for the Sanders County Fair in September

Valerie and Flat Ruthie write from White Pine Montana:

On a sunny, 80 degree summer day, Flat Ruthie traveled this morning through Thompson Falls in NW Montana to “The Farm” in White Pine, and is heading towards Spokane, Washington with my daughter Robin, and next Tuesday she is heading back through Montana with both of my daughters who are heading to Denver to return my great great granddaughter to her Mom,  as she has been visiting with her Grammy at the Farm.  Then, if all goes well, she should be back in Montana by next Thursday.  Will send photos when they arrive!!  We have been rather lazy here just working on the garden, but soon it will be growing like wildfire, and then we will probably do visits to the river, and in September the Sanders County Fair.

Val and F. Ruthie
 Heading towards Thompson Falls on Highway 200
Entering Thompson Falls
At “The Farm” in White Pine
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