Bali – extremely attractive tourist destination

If the Maldives is likened to a princess of beauty, splendor, attracting all eyes, Bali will be like a civilian girl close but extremely hot and seductive.

The white sand is like a silk carpet and the wonderful scenery of the sunset makes everyone ecstatic. The aromatic grilled seafood dishes are marinated with strong flavors and drink with wine to make people more passionate.

By the time the sun sets completely, visitors can enjoy traditional music and dances of Balinese people very attractive.

Kuta is known as the city of no sleep so visitors can shop, go to bars, night clubs, massage points to relax until they are tired, then go back to the hotel to sleep.

To Bali, visitors do not need to hurry to get up early to visit the attractions; relax until 8 am and choose your new day schedule.

Those who want to take a cruise to see the sea will be taken to the marina. Often the popular tour program is taking tourists to Lembongan Island, one of the islands with beautiful beaches in Bali.

Coming here, tourists not only eat seafood, watch the sea but also play a lot of games such as water motor, paragliding, diving or taking submarines to watch the colorful corals and fish rising up on the ocean floor.

Those who want to see the volcano will visit Kintamani tourist destination with the volcanoes still operating with the beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain.

And visitors who want to see the terraces will be taken to the village of Tegallalang. Here, visitors can play thrilling swing games on extremely interesting coconut trees.

Visiting temples and temples is also an interesting experience. Temple of sacred springs, also known as Tirta Empul, is a Hindu temple. Right in the center of the temple is a sacred pond.


Tirta Empul Temple plays an extremely important role in the religious life of the local people. Not only people in Bali but also tourists here believe that the sacred water of the temple will help them get rid of their troubles, purify their mind and spirit to have a healthy body and an intelligent mind. so everyone takes baths in these waters.

The Tanah Lot Temple is equally amazing. This temple has a very unique architecture and a very special position when lying on a rock jutting into the sea. The deep blue of the sea and the dark gray of the cliffs make the temple truly striking and impressive. At low tide, the stone path and green moss leading into the temple create a strange and mysterious feeling.

At high tide, the temple becomes completely separate, located in the middle of the sea, each wave rushing into the cliffs creates a beautiful and very strange scene, not to be confused with any temple in the world.

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