7 things not to do when traveling in Denmark

Denmark has rules that tourists should follow and respect when visiting their country. The following article will list 12 things not to do when traveling in the coldest country in Scandinavia.

Crossing the wrong lane

The Danes always obey the traffic laws and traffic lights and they want visitors to their country to follow the same rules.

You must stand in front of the line and wait until the signal light turns green to cross the street. In addition to being fined a light fee for violating the traffic law at $ 108, you will encounter unfriendly eyes when you do not comply with the law.

Drive the bike in the right lane

Bicycles are also one of the main vehicles in Denmark and there are also occasional bicycle congestion. For a bicycling experience, obeying traffic laws and signage are things that serious travelers obey.

You should also practice cycling in small alleys before going to the main roads to get acquainted with the Danish street. One thing visitors must always follow is not to ride a bicycle when using alcohol. Penalty for driving while drunk here is not small, can be up to 231 USD.

Smoking marijuana is illegal

Most tourists have heard of Christiania’s free town and want to visit the area famous for smoking marijuana. However, keep in mind that possession or smoking of marijuana is illegal in Denmark, including Christiania. People who want to smoke marijuana in Christiania have to bear certain legal risks when smoking or taking marijuana out of the city.

Rules of the Pusher street

Before visiting or traveling in Christiana, you should spend some time and carefully read the rules of the city hanging in front of the greeting gate. All running and photographing activities are restricted in this city as these can be quite troublesome for the people here and their daily prayer activities.

Do not play with dogs

Many visitors love to pet pets, especially dogs, and in many places dog owners will be willing and patient for you to pet them, but that doesn’t happen in Denmark. Danes are completely unhappy if strangers come close to their pets, so you should stand looking at the dogs rather than petting them when you travel to Denmark.

Do not call natives as Vikings

The image of a large group of Danish people screaming, cheering and holding large beer bottles in restaurants often makes foreigners think it’s a Viking party. Although Danes proud of their fearless ancestors conquered many countries in western and eastern Europe from the late 8th to 11th centuries, they did not like being called Vikings.

Roskilde is not the best festival in Europe

Taking place in late June, Roskilde is Denmark’s largest and most beloved festival. For seven days, the small town of Roskilde became the hottest meeting place for music fans from around the world.

Naturally, the Danes see this occasion as an opportunity to party hard and drink, even to the point that it becomes a mass obsession with their people.

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