6 things that you should avoid when traveling to France

France is a fairly large country with many different rules and customs. However, there are some things that tourists should avoid doing in order to have a full time to travel to France.

From learning a little basic French to keeping quiet in public places are things to keep in mind when traveling to France.

Learning French

Many French people can speak English and they will try to understand you better if you are well-intentioned. If you try to learn more French to communicate, you will always be better served. Whether, these are just words like: bonjour (hello); merci (thank you) and au revoir (goodbye).


Do not wave repeatedly to the server

The French have culture for both places like restaurants and bars. In the restaurant when you wait for the waiter and they are still not coming out please be patient until they come to your table. You can look up at the attendant if you’re nearby to give a signal or wave your hand slightly. However, if you wave your hand many times you will be considered impolite.

The waiters in France are trained a lot of skills and normally they will have to do 30 jobs at the same time but they will definitely be at your table.

Do not speak louder than others especially at night

The French take people very seriously, especially without making noise. In some cases, pay attention to the way you talk, do not speak too loudly in cafes, in the villages, especially in the evening.

Do not leave the phone on the table when talking


Leaving the phone on the table when talking is considered rude behavior in France. If you have an appointment with a Frenchman, it will be fine if you check messages or calls sometimes. However, absolutely do not place the phone on the table when talking to them. Leaving the phone on the table is an act of indecency because others will assume that you are waiting for a call rather than want to talk. Also avoid using your phone while eating or drinking.

Do not look forward to a hearty morning

The French don’t eat breakfast much. In the morning, they only have croissants, brioche, other pastries with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. It will be hard to find a breakfast bar with hearty dishes. If so, the home will only serve omelets and bacon. However, the French have a habit of having lunch and dinner a lot.

Reservations, tickets by phone

To book a table or book a tour in advance, you should use the phone. While doing business in France may be online, most reservations are still made by phone and it will take a lot of time if you book online. This also applies to appointment scheduling and information lookup.

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