4 Cherry Blossom Viewing Places Are Especially Loved By Tourists

The end of March to the middle of April is the time for cherry blossom festival to take place in many countries. In particular, 4 countries below are favorite destinations of many tourists.

If you are planning to admire the scenery of cherry blossoms in full bloom, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US are 4 names that are hard to ignore.


For Japanese people, blooming cherry blossoms symbolize the life of rebirth and strength. In the capital of Tokyo, hundreds of ancient cherry trees, spread out and boast in parks such as Ueno, Asukayama, Kitanomaru … These are all destinations that Japanese people love and gather to attend the ceremony cherry blossom festival every year.

4 dia diem ngam hoa anh dao duoc du khach Viet yeu thich hinh anh 1

In the ancient capital of Kyoto, Maruyama Park offers visitors a fresh space of a blooming cherry blossom forest in the spring sunshine. Where there are cherry blossoms, there is a sound, the song is mixed with the smell of sake of the group of people gathered under the shady old peach tree.

South Korea

Enjoying cherry blossoms is also part of the spiritual life of Korean people. From the end of March to the middle of April, the cherry blossom festival is held everywhere. However, the cherry blossom festival takes place in Jinhae, the small coastal city of Busan is the spotlight of the people here.

4 dia diem ngam hoa anh dao duoc du khach Viet yeu thich hinh anh 2

The festival takes place over 10 days, from April 1 to April 11 each year, welcomes millions of visitors to visit and enjoy more than 300,000 blooming cherry trees on the streets and riverside along the tracks train… Stroll under the canopy of pink cherry blossoms, visitors are delighted to save beautiful pictures, a few flower petals, feel the aroma gently blend in the wind to relax.


For the Taiwanese, spring has many meanings, the cold winter days pass and the trees sprout and sprout, full of life. The special thing when mentioning cherry blossoms in Taiwan is that the flower season here blooms sooner than other countries, starting from February and lasting until April. This is the place with gathers many beautiful flower forests like cherry, rhododendron, trumpet,…

4 dia diem ngam hoa anh dao duoc du khach Viet yeu thich hinh anh 3

More than 1,000 types of peach blossom are grown in the park to create a magnificent natural picture. The delicate petals following the spring wind fluttered and shook people’s hearts. The pink, red and white roads of cherry blossoms attract about 2 million visitors and enjoy the cherry blossom festival every year.


When spring comes, the people of Washington DC and tourists often enjoy each other with the blooming cherry blossoms at the National Mall, which is located on the bank of the Potomac River. Large park with calm blue Tidal Basin lake, stretching from Capitol Hill to Lincoln monument. On this occasion, more than 3,800 cherry trees stretched over 2 banks of the Potomac River, around the statue of the monument to Washington that flourished.

4 dia diem ngam hoa anh dao duoc du khach Viet yeu thich hinh anh 5

The lively natural scenery adorns the American capital with extravagance. Tourists have just begun to see the flowers and enjoy the cool fresh air and fragrant flowers. This year, the cherry blossom festival in Washington DC is expected to take place from the end of March to mid-April.










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