Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor and a Blue Hawaii

More from Rita of What’s To Eat Today? blog ,
                   She fills us in on more Hawaiian Adventures with Flat Ruthie-  
The trip to Hawaii wasn’t all about food and drink.  Flat Ruthie went to visit the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor with her host family.
It was a VERY VERY windy day at Pearl Harbor but she wanted another photo taken.  Her host had to hold on tight so that Ruthie wouldn’t fly away.
Pearl Harbor security doesn’t allow bags or purses.  Because of this rule, Flat Ruthie didn’t have a safe place to hang out in the wind.  Flat Ruthie’s hosts were afraid she would blow overboard if just carried in hand.  Poor Flat Ruthie had to stay in the car.
Flat Ruthie’s host took a photo aboard the USS Missouri to show her tho’ and she was happy.
This excursion gave Flat Ruth quite the thirst and appetite.  Dinner that night was at Bali Steak & Seafood in the Rainbow Tower of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Flat Ruthie couldn’t decide between the drink choices……she really enjoyed her Blue Hawaii and yes, that is also her Mai Tai.
…Lobster tail & filet mignon was consumed in no time.
Okay, maybe it was all about food and drink.
Flat Ruthie fell into a food coma for the rest of the trip but awoke for a movie on the flight home.
And what a surprise Real Ruth had when she went to her mailbox in Pittsburgh……..
Remember the post of Duke’s Canoe Club on Waikiki where Mark and Erika met 11 years ago?
Here is the postcard with Duke Kahanamoku on the front!!!

Can you believe it? Flat Ruthie sent a postcard from Hawaii to Pittsburgh!!!

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