120 Chinese tourists came to Thailand for tourism

Chinese tourists entered Phuket and became the first international visitors to the country since late March.

The first foreign tourists to return to Thailand in early October came from China. The first flight, which had about 120 tourists from Guangzhou, flew directly to the resort island of Phuket, the head of the Tourism Authority of Yuthasak Supasorn announced on September 29. According to Mr. Supasorn, in the past several months in Guangzhou there have been no additional cases of nCoV infection in the community.

Government spokesman Traisulee Traisoranakul expects 1,200 tourists in the first month, bringing in revenue of about 1 billion baht ($ 31.5 million). Visitors who are allowed to enter are from countries on the list of free from the disease, according to the Thai government.

At the end of October, another group of Chinese tourists traveling long-term will enter Thailand, by November a group from Scandinavian countries.

Visitors are also granted a long-term stay visa, starting October 8, and must be quarantined upon entry for 14 days. They also need to buy $ 100,000 health insurance, have a CoV test 72 hours before travel, and have a negative result. Visitors are checked twice during quarantine. In addition, visitors to Thailand at this time will be required to wear a bracelet with GPS navigation.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said it is not opening the country to tourists, limiting the number of tourists and managing them closely to prevent the spread of nCoV.

The country of the Golden Temple has succeeded in keeping the COV infection rate low, with more than 3,500 cases and 59 deaths. However, the country’s economy is heavily affected by travel restrictions and border bans by countries around the world. This makes Thailand lack of international tourists since April. The government predicts that only 6.7 million international tourists will come here this year. In 2019, Thailand welcomed 39.4 million visitors.

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