10 must-see things in Antrim County, Northern Ireland (Part 3)

7. Explore the Glens of Antrim valley

Ireland is famous for its green countryside but no one can deny the Glens of Antrim valley is a particularly attractive destination. Also known simply as the Glens, a series of 9 beautiful and inclined valleys formed in the north of Antrim County. The verdant views of this place are dotted with charming waterfalls and trails. One of the most beautiful places for tourists to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery is inside Glenariff Forest Park, a protected area and one of the most beautiful valleys of Antrim County.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 7

8. Learn about the history of Carrickfergus castle

Belfast is probably the largest and most famous city today but during the Norman rule, the city of Carrickfergus was the main colony in Northern Ireland. Visitors can observe the traces on the majestic stone architecture is Carrickfergus castle.

The castle was named after Scotland’s first legendary king, Fergus, after his ship hit dangerous rocks emerging while approaching the coast. King Fergus ruled the country in 501 AD. However, it was not until 1178 this castle was started construction. For 900 years, this castle was used as a fortress, a military prison, and even as a bomb shelter during World War II.

Today, it becomes a public memorial that is open to the public every day who want to walk along the walls and learn more about the castle’s long and fascinating history.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 8

9. Enjoy the views at Antrim Castle Garden

The pristine vistas of Antrim provide an unforgettable impression, and well-tended gardens are the perfect choice for romantic walks. One of the most beautiful gardens is located in Antrim Castle Garden, which was built in the 17th century. Sadly, this historic castle was burned down in a fire in 1922. However, the swampy areas and tree-lined roads are now part of a city park that is open to visitors. 

10. Find landmarks in the Game of Thrones movie

Game of Thrones may be purely imaginative, but many of the film’s best locations are very real places in Antrim County. If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones movie or you just appreciate the surreal movie scenes when watching, Antrim has some beautiful outdoor studios for you to explore. The first is the Dark Hedges, a road with huge rows of oak trees in the town of Ballymoney known as Kingsroad in the series. Next, visit the natural beauty of Glenariff Forest Park, which was once chosen as the shot for the Vale of Arryn valley in the Game of Thrones series.

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