10 must-see things in Antrim County, Northern Ireland (Part 2)

3. Visit the Bushmills winery

The small village of Bushmills in Antrim County is home to one of Northern Ireland’s most famous wines for over 400 years. The Bushmills Winery is still in use and offers tours to visitors who want to learn about the production process of one of the country’s most popular drinks. Small group tours are always available to explain the whole process of whiskey distillation and finally to sample the wine so that you can sample the Irish special wine yourself.

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4. Relax on the beach in Portrush

The Portrush fishing village has been a holiday destination in Northern Ireland since the reign of Queen Victoria due to the peaceful seas. If the beautiful main street is bustling with pubs and restaurants, the harbor has undulating boats and quiet sunsets but most people come to Portrush because of its beautiful beaches. The white sandy coastline of Portrush is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland and is crowded with visitors to sunbathe in warm weather. Children of all ages also love Barry’s famous amusement park with its arcades and roller coasters. 

5. Venturing over to Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge 

A beautiful spot for adventurous travelers in Antrim County is the spectacular suspension bridge at Carrick-a-Rede. Located suspended over 30m above the Atlantic Ocean, this historic bridge connects the mainland of Antrim with Carrick-a-Rede.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 5

Carrick-a-Rede is small but has a developed fisheries and the area under the suspension bridge allows fishermen to anchor and protect large ships from hitting vertical cliffs. The bridge was renovated but still brings many interesting things for visitors. Upon arriving at the island, visitors can explore tranquil trails and windy scenery as well as admire the ancient coastal houses still preserved here.

6. Admire Dunluce Castle

The ruins of Dunluce Castle gradually become quite fragile in front of the sea. This 16th-century castle was abandoned when collapsed, but its mysterious appearance still shows irresistible attraction to visitors. The castle now has a major stop for visitors, especially for those who are fans of the movie “Game of Thrones” because Dunluce Castle is a filming location for this movie. There are a number of small displays on display in the ruins of the castle but the best way to visit is to walk along the streets on the cliffs to admire this gradually destroyed fortress. 

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