7 things not to do when traveling in Denmark

Denmark has rules that tourists should follow and respect when visiting their country. The following article will list 12 things not to do when traveling in the coldest country in Scandinavia.

Crossing the wrong lane

The Danes always obey the traffic laws and traffic lights and they want visitors to their country to follow the same rules.

You must stand in front of the line and wait until the signal light turns green to cross the street. In addition to being fined a light fee for violating the traffic law at $ 108, you will encounter unfriendly eyes when you do not comply with the law.

Drive the bike in the right lane

Bicycles are also one of the main vehicles in Denmark and there are also occasional bicycle congestion. For a bicycling experience, obeying traffic laws and signage are things that serious travelers obey.

You should also practice cycling in small alleys before going to the main roads to get acquainted with the Danish street. One thing visitors must always follow is not to ride a bicycle when using alcohol. Penalty for driving while drunk here is not small, can be up to 231 USD.

Smoking marijuana is illegal

Most tourists have heard of Christiania’s free town and want to visit the area famous for smoking marijuana. However, keep in mind that possession or smoking of marijuana is illegal in Denmark, including Christiania. People who want to smoke marijuana in Christiania have to bear certain legal risks when smoking or taking marijuana out of the city.

Rules of the Pusher street

Before visiting or traveling in Christiana, you should spend some time and carefully read the rules of the city hanging in front of the greeting gate. All running and photographing activities are restricted in this city as these can be quite troublesome for the people here and their daily prayer activities.

Do not play with dogs

Many visitors love to pet pets, especially dogs, and in many places dog owners will be willing and patient for you to pet them, but that doesn’t happen in Denmark. Danes are completely unhappy if strangers come close to their pets, so you should stand looking at the dogs rather than petting them when you travel to Denmark.

Do not call natives as Vikings

The image of a large group of Danish people screaming, cheering and holding large beer bottles in restaurants often makes foreigners think it’s a Viking party. Although Danes proud of their fearless ancestors conquered many countries in western and eastern Europe from the late 8th to 11th centuries, they did not like being called Vikings.

Roskilde is not the best festival in Europe

Taking place in late June, Roskilde is Denmark’s largest and most beloved festival. For seven days, the small town of Roskilde became the hottest meeting place for music fans from around the world.

Naturally, the Danes see this occasion as an opportunity to party hard and drink, even to the point that it becomes a mass obsession with their people.

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The islands are stacked on top of Russian dolls

In addition to Cebu and Boracay, the Philippines has another famous island thanks to its unique geographical location.

Luzon Island is known by many tourists for its unique geographic location, when the islands here are stacked in the style of a Russian matryoshka doll (inside the large doll contains a small doll, in the doll Smaller contains a smaller one).

Accordingly, on the island of Luzon there is a lake Taal. This lake contains other Volcanic islands. In this island, there is Crater Lake (lake on the crater), and in the lake there is another small island, called Vulcan Point.

Taal volcano is located on the island of Luzon, having erupted 33 times in history. It is also the second most active volcano in the Philippines and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

However, Taal Lake is still a tourist attraction. It is also praised as a place of beauty like heaven. Tourists often take a boat to reach Volcano Island, about 20 minutes. The most popular activity when coming here is walking on the top or riding horses. Climbing time is about an hour.

The road to the mountain does not have much shade, so you should have shoes, hats and climbing gear ready. You can stop drinking refreshing coconut water from a nearby small shop. There are many shops selling drinks, so you can rest assured if you forget to bring water. Exploring the volcanic peak by buying a tour is highly recommended by many travelers, to ensure your safety.

Vulcan Point is not the only island in the world with such a unique position. There is a similar island in the world, located in a small unnamed lake in Canada, surrounded by a larger island. That island continues to lie in a lake about 90 km off the southern coast of Victoria Island.

This unnamed island was discovered in 2012 by Ken Jennings (who holds the record of winning 74 consecutive games in 2004 of the game Jeopardy – a quiz show on American television).

Taal Lake is located about 100 km south of Manila. According to RometoRio, visitors can take a bus from Manila to this location. Ticket price 2-4 USD, travel time is about 2.5 – 3 hours. This is also the most economical way to travel.

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Palace of Versailles – the place that you cannot ignore when traveling to France

Located in the southwest of Paris, the castle, also known as the Palace of Versailles, is the residence of the French kings, from King Louis XIII to King Louise XVI.

This castle is considered a symbol of the supreme power of the French feudal dynasties including a complex of extremely monumental and splendid architectural works.

The Palace of Versailles was first built in 1624 as a hunting ground for King Louis XIII. And later, it was expanded to a residence for the French Royal Family.

If you are living or working in Europe, you love to explore the quintessential constructions of the century-old architectural art of Western civilization and plan your own trip to Europe through France in time.

The architecture of this majestic castle is built according to the norms of classicalism such as symmetry of buildings, multi-column corridors and auxiliary works inspired by tradition and technology ancient art interwoven with some Baroque art.

The Palace of Versailles is not only known as a splendid palace, but it also contains many interesting things that any visitor to France must visit the palace. With the classical architecture, the splendid layout with symbols of the supreme power of the great French feudalism.

Because of that, a trip to France will not be complete, there are no interesting experiences if you do not visit the Palace of Versailles. Around the 10th century, the monks here have built buildings in this land such as churches, monasteries Saint, Julien.


In 1472, the town of Ver-saille-aux-Bourg-de-Galie was born and a small castle of Lord Versailles began to replace the old churches. In 1623, King Louis XIII built a small house of bricks and stones as a place to stop whenever he hunted in the forest of Versailles.

King Louis XIV ascended the throne and felt dissatisfied with any royal palace in France in 1643. In the first time he arrived in Versailles, he was really interested in this place and decided to gradually move the royal family back to Versailles as well as turn it into a magnificent, which leading palace unique to European royalty.

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Some reasons that make visitors interested in Finland

When she arrived in Finland, the British tourist was curious: “How can they be happy at the temperature down to minus 50 degrees Celsius?”.

Lucy Cohen, a British girl, had to sob when she first arrived in Finland – one of the coldest countries in the world, where people lived in darkness for three months of the year.

Before leaving, Lucy was eager to hear many people say, “Come to Finland. This is the happiest place on Earth”. But she still wonders how the Finns can be happy when they face a negative temperature of 50 degrees Celsius in a long, dull winter. The young girl decided to go on a journey to learn about Finnish life.


The question was gradually removed during her trip. Timo, the tour guide, has brought British tourists to discover the beauty in this country. Finland is the place where the sun lasts until midnight. After a cold winter, the sun will not dive from mid-May to mid-August. The sky is full of bright reds and yellows in the middle of the night that Lucy enchants like living in a summer night dream.

Vanhankaupunginlahti near Helsinki, to the summer cafes in the capital… She was impressed to know that Finns drink more coffee than anywhere in the world.


In addition, Finland has more than 3 million saunas, of a total population of 5.5 million. The Finns taught Lucy a refreshing bath. It is after the sauna, you will take a deep breath to take courage, then jump into the cold water. Initially, female British tourists were quite scared. But when she was immersed in the icy water, she enjoyed the feeling of comfort that she had never experienced before.

At the center of the Oodi library, the young girl is quickly attracted to a collection of more than 100,000 books. “This is a destination worth visiting when you come to this northern European country”, Lucy said.


“A lot of simple pleasures await you in the northwest of Helsinki about 45 minutes by car. It’s Nuuksio National Park”, Lucy said. Visitors here can go hiking along one of eight natural trails. Tour guides encourage visitors to earn their own food in the forest such as mushroom picking, fruit or some herbs. When she returned to the hotel, Lucy made her own herbal tea in the forest.

Another thing Lucy enjoyed was Santa’s hometown, also in Lapland, Finland. This is also a place where 70% of the area is covered by trees and is always in the list of the world’s best land.

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The most famous tourist attractions in Australia

In Australia there are many beautiful landscapes so you certainly will not be disappointed when traveling Australia.

If you are and are coming to Australia to study, work or travel but do not know where to go when traveling to Australia and famous tourist destinations in Australia, we will reply to you shortly.

Sydney City

The beautiful Sydney city is the first tourist attraction in Australia that dulich9 wants to recommend for you. Sydney is famous for its scallop-shaped house located along the coast with its unique beauty and design, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge shimmering at night.

When you come to this park, you will be free to touch this animal or embrace it without fear of danger. See more about Sydney self-sufficient travel experience in 2020 and the price list of sightseeing tickets in Sydney 2020 to estimate the cost and schedule the most appropriate entertainment and eating and drinking.

Palm Cove Beach

Palm Cove Beach is one of the 10,000 beaches in Australia with the mesmerizing beauty of the smooth, sandy beaches and clear blue water, so it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. The waves here are not too strong, so children can also enjoy swimming. Along the Palm Cove coast, there are also rows of green coconut shade to make the scenery of the beach more romantic. If the sun is too hot, after bathing, you can rest right under this coconut tree.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Queensland, where you can explore the reef with thousands of corals and many other colorful fish. In addition to swimming at the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving to see the coral is a recreational activity not to be missed when coming here. The distance from Palm Cove beach to the Great Barrier Reef is not far so you can combine both famous tourist destinations in Australia – Australia together.

City of Melbourne

The next attractive place to visit in Australia is Melbourne, one of the most livable cities in the world. Coming to this beautiful city, you will experience entertainment activities such as yachting to visit the city, hot air balloon rides, swimming, swimming, festivals, skiing in the season. With the system of luxurious shopping centers and restaurants, you can enjoy delicious dishes made by famous chefs or shop for branded goods. If you do not know where to go when traveling in Australia, the city of Melbourne is a place worth visiting.

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Bali – extremely attractive tourist destination

If the Maldives is likened to a princess of beauty, splendor, attracting all eyes, Bali will be like a civilian girl close but extremely hot and seductive.

The white sand is like a silk carpet and the wonderful scenery of the sunset makes everyone ecstatic. The aromatic grilled seafood dishes are marinated with strong flavors and drink with wine to make people more passionate.

By the time the sun sets completely, visitors can enjoy traditional music and dances of Balinese people very attractive.

Kuta is known as the city of no sleep so visitors can shop, go to bars, night clubs, massage points to relax until they are tired, then go back to the hotel to sleep.

To Bali, visitors do not need to hurry to get up early to visit the attractions; relax until 8 am and choose your new day schedule.

Those who want to take a cruise to see the sea will be taken to the marina. Often the popular tour program is taking tourists to Lembongan Island, one of the islands with beautiful beaches in Bali.

Coming here, tourists not only eat seafood, watch the sea but also play a lot of games such as water motor, paragliding, diving or taking submarines to watch the colorful corals and fish rising up on the ocean floor.

Those who want to see the volcano will visit Kintamani tourist destination with the volcanoes still operating with the beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain.

And visitors who want to see the terraces will be taken to the village of Tegallalang. Here, visitors can play thrilling swing games on extremely interesting coconut trees.

Visiting temples and temples is also an interesting experience. Temple of sacred springs, also known as Tirta Empul, is a Hindu temple. Right in the center of the temple is a sacred pond.


Tirta Empul Temple plays an extremely important role in the religious life of the local people. Not only people in Bali but also tourists here believe that the sacred water of the temple will help them get rid of their troubles, purify their mind and spirit to have a healthy body and an intelligent mind. so everyone takes baths in these waters.

The Tanah Lot Temple is equally amazing. This temple has a very unique architecture and a very special position when lying on a rock jutting into the sea. The deep blue of the sea and the dark gray of the cliffs make the temple truly striking and impressive. At low tide, the stone path and green moss leading into the temple create a strange and mysterious feeling.

At high tide, the temple becomes completely separate, located in the middle of the sea, each wave rushing into the cliffs creates a beautiful and very strange scene, not to be confused with any temple in the world.

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6 things that you should avoid when traveling to France

France is a fairly large country with many different rules and customs. However, there are some things that tourists should avoid doing in order to have a full time to travel to France.

From learning a little basic French to keeping quiet in public places are things to keep in mind when traveling to France.

Learning French

Many French people can speak English and they will try to understand you better if you are well-intentioned. If you try to learn more French to communicate, you will always be better served. Whether, these are just words like: bonjour (hello); merci (thank you) and au revoir (goodbye).


Do not wave repeatedly to the server

The French have culture for both places like restaurants and bars. In the restaurant when you wait for the waiter and they are still not coming out please be patient until they come to your table. You can look up at the attendant if you’re nearby to give a signal or wave your hand slightly. However, if you wave your hand many times you will be considered impolite.

The waiters in France are trained a lot of skills and normally they will have to do 30 jobs at the same time but they will definitely be at your table.

Do not speak louder than others especially at night

The French take people very seriously, especially without making noise. In some cases, pay attention to the way you talk, do not speak too loudly in cafes, in the villages, especially in the evening.

Do not leave the phone on the table when talking


Leaving the phone on the table when talking is considered rude behavior in France. If you have an appointment with a Frenchman, it will be fine if you check messages or calls sometimes. However, absolutely do not place the phone on the table when talking to them. Leaving the phone on the table is an act of indecency because others will assume that you are waiting for a call rather than want to talk. Also avoid using your phone while eating or drinking.

Do not look forward to a hearty morning

The French don’t eat breakfast much. In the morning, they only have croissants, brioche, other pastries with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. It will be hard to find a breakfast bar with hearty dishes. If so, the home will only serve omelets and bacon. However, the French have a habit of having lunch and dinner a lot.

Reservations, tickets by phone

To book a table or book a tour in advance, you should use the phone. While doing business in France may be online, most reservations are still made by phone and it will take a lot of time if you book online. This also applies to appointment scheduling and information lookup.

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LAS VEGAS – A must-visit place when traveling to the US West Coast

A trip to the West Coast of America is the most meaningful and complete without the following destinations in the journey, let’s refer.

Dubbed as the entertainment capital of the world, here, visitors do not have to worry about the lack of places to visit and experience:

1. Travel the West Coast of the United States to try your luck at the Casino

To say Las Vegas is a “city of casinos” is probably not an exaggeration when there are many casinos, but each casino is simulated as a miniature city. Casino Paris with miniature Eiffel tower and buskers; Venice casino with poetic canal system; Luxor casino with unique Pyramids makes you feel like you are coming to Paraoh. In case you don’t want to come to real casino, let’s try your luck at online casino NZ. If you believe you are “red”, you can try playing a few games to have a truly new experience. If not, walking around the casino is certainly not a bad suggestion when traveling to the US West Coast, right?

2. Visiting and shopping at Barstow supermarket chain

Barstow is a supermarket chain with a huge area of ​​up to 50,000m2. Coming here, visitors can find a lot of satisfied products, especially brand names such as Izod, Van Heusen, Kelvin, Bass,… If not too famous, do not miss Outlet Mall to choose good products at bargain prices.

3. Climb to the top of Stratosphere Tower

This 151-story tower is considered one of the symbols of Las Vegas. When most tourists know the saying not yet reached the top of the Stratosphere tower, it seems that they have not yet come to Las Vegas. Come here, if you love adventure, do not hesitate to challenge yourself with thrilling aerial games. If not, standing on the top of the tower to see panoramic view of Las Vegas and record interesting marks will certainly bring unforgettable emotions.

4. Explore the Mandalay Bay “Shark Ranges”

There is an interesting attraction in Las Vegas but few people know is the “Shark Reef” Mandalay Bay with an area of ​​about 27,432 square meters and contains more than 7.5 million liters of water. It is home to more than 100 different species of sea creatures, including rare species such as red-tailed catfish, and 5 of the remaining 12 rare golden saltwater crocodiles in the world. Traveling to the US West Coast, you should not miss the opportunity to admire this exciting ocean world!

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3 unforgettable experiences for football fans when traveling to England

Tourists can live in love with football when visiting famous stadiums like Wembley, Old Trafford and even become a Premier League player in a day.

Football in the UK is not only a king sport but also a lucrative tourism business. From tours to the stadium to experience a live view of the peak matches to learn the history of English football at the museums, England is always the ideal destination for football lovers.

1. Visit the Wembley Stadium in London

If you want to relive the glory and failures of the England national team, go to the Wembley Stadium, which often takes place in the top stages of world football. Located northwest of London, this stadium has a capacity of up to 100,000 seats.


A Wembley tour for £22 will take you to visit England’s dressing room, admire and try the FA Cup simulation version. In addition, moving in the stadium pipes and experiencing the feeling of preparing for the match where legends are ready to play will be unforgettable for true football fans.

2. Recreate the superstar’s footsteps in the famous stadiums

Famous stadiums spread across the foggy country. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Newcastle United, their football stadiums and museums all satisfy the love and admiration of visitors for each team.


When walking the tunnel to the grass field at Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester), Emirates (London) or Anfield (Liverpool), you will feel like you are accompanied by idols like David Beckham, Mesut Ozil or Mohamed Salah.

3. Watch a live match at the stadium

The opportunity to become an audience in a live football game and see the flesh-and-blood players on the pitch is undoubtedly a great experience for the fans. The Premier League ticket market is extremely vibrant and tickets are scarce, especially in head-to-head battles.


If you want to enjoy the ball game, you need to book early to secure a seat. To book tickets, you can go to the home page of the teams, the stadium where the match takes place or the TicketMaster intermediary ticket page.

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Underground mountains are more majestic than Everest in Earth

By rebuilding the underground map using data obtained from the strong earthquake that struck Bolivia in 1994, scientists have shown that within Earth, several hundred kilometers below our feet, there are ridges underground mountains dominate, equal to the height of the majestic Himalayas. The research was published in Science.

The mantle is one of the layers covering the Earth’s core made of silicate rock, extending from the outer shell to the core, making up 84% of the Earth’s volume. At a depth of about 670 km, there exists a transitional zone that clearly separates the upper and lower mantras. Based on solid evidence like rocks, scientists can conclude that the rocks in this region are much denser, but reading topographic maps here is extremely difficult.

One of the ways to check underground is to study the seismic waves – the waves running through the earth’s layers, appearing in Earth-shaking events such as earthquakes or the impact of a meteorite falling from the sky.


Geophysicist Jessica Irving from Princeton University, who is also the new author of the study, told Motherboard: “It takes a large earthquake to get enough earthquakes to pass through the mantle or reach the Earth’s core and bounce back. when bumped into the transition area, reappear on the shell to measure”.

Dubbed the second largest earthquake ever recorded, up to 8.2 on the Richter scale, the 1994 earthquake in Bolivia was a great research goal. The team of scientists used Princeton University’s supercomputer to analyze the available data, in order to redraw the structure of the earth as accurately as possible.

When rebuilding the underground geological structure, the researchers were unable to give the exact height of the underground peaks, only making estimates. “They have larger terrain structures than the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian Mountains”, study author Wenbo Wu compares the underground mountains to the mountains in North America. “I can’t give an exact number, but the subterranean mountains in the transitional region are higher than Mount Everest”, Irving said.


Huge mountain ranges may have been created from part of the seabed: geological changes over the years have caused the seafloor to sink deeper, up to the transition zone more than 660 km above the surface. Precious fossils that can tell us about Earth’s development must have been there. Continuing to use seismic waves and supercomputers, scientists are eager to learn more about the majestic mountains deep underground.

“I think future studies will tell us more about the subterranean mountains, their dispersion across the Earth”, said Irving, a researcher.

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