Life in the coldest place in the world in Covid-19 (Part 2)

Taylor said everyone in Antarctica continued their old life, as if they did not know Covid-19. People still go to the gym, music room, library, cinema …, things that people on other continents might be missing out on because of the order to block the society and blockade. 

Taylor, Nelson and others after finishing their working time in Antarctica will also return home. But they know that they will be welcomed by another world. Everything will not be the same, as they began to leave brought by Covid-19. They will have to get used to a way of life that has only been witnessed from afar. The seemingly simple things they often do in Antarctica, may become a distant memory when they go home.

Trạm Palmer từng đón hàng nghìn khách du lịch vào mùa trước, nhưng năm nay số lượng giảm đáng kể vì đại dịch. Ảnh: CNN.

Tourism has been growing strongly in Antarctica in recent years, and cruise ships often take visitors. According to the Association of Antarctic tour operators, about 56,100 tourists visited the continent during the 2018-2019 season, an increase of 40% compared to previous years. They are expected to welcome 78,500 visitors in the 2019-2020 season (the tourist season in Antarctica usually starts from November to the end of March). However, the research stations here have begun restricting many tourist visits since the beginning of the year, because of Covid-19. After a cruise ship carrying Australian and New Zealand passengers arrived at the port, there were cases of Covid-19 infections.

Nelson, who is in charge of coordinating the tour, visiting Palmer station, said her place welcomed thousands of people last year. But this year the number dropped sharply due to the global epidemic crisis. However, she did not see this affecting the Antarctic tourism industry, because it always restricted visitors to protect the pristine environment of the “white continent”. 

IAATO tour operators never authorize an amphibious cruise ship if the number exceeds 500 passengers at a time. In addition, they also divide the port schedule so that at any time, every stop has only one cruise ship. 

Mọi người nói với Taylor rằng anh sẽ thay đổi chỉ sau một mùa ở Nam Cực. Nhưng Taylor cho rằng, khi Covid-19 xảy ra, phần còn lại của thế giới cũng thay đã thay đổi. Trên ảnh là các nhà khoa học và nghiên cứu ở Nam Cực đang ngồi trò chuyện cùng nhau trong thời gian rảnh rỗi. Ảnh: Keri Nelson.

Although it is unclear how things will turn out in the coming months, people at Palmer or Amundsen-Scottm stations, which have the largest number of visitors, still work hard to ensure that when a new tourist season Starting, everything is ready. 

Things in Antarctica have not changed too much because of the pandemic, but the way home of the workers in the stations has changed dramatically. Normally, when returning to England, Taylor will take a flight to Punta Arenas (the southernmost city of Chile). After that, he will catch a commercial flight to go home. But now, he will have to go to the Falkland Islands, then board a passenger train designated by the government to return to England. That means a longer time to return home. 

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Series of unseasonal weather phenomena in the world

Summer snowfall, hot weather in winter are phenomena that appear in many different places around the world in recent years.

Godzilla dust storm: Areas of the Caribbean and the US were covered in a giant cloud of dust from the African desert across the Atlantic in June. The lighthouse in Havana, Cuba was shrouded in a dusty storm roll at sunrise. This is the largest and densest dust storm in the past half century.

Lightning strikes in India: In June, the annual monsoon season of India has appeared deadly lightning and torrential rain. Weather has killed at least 107 people in northern and eastern India. Bihar officials say this is the highest case of daily deaths from lightning strikes the state has recorded in recent years.

Record high temperatures and wildfires: Many parts of the Arctic have experienced a long heatwave. High temperatures cause intense wildfires in Siberia. Not only does the Arctic feel hot, but 2020 is recorded as one of the 3 hottest years in the world.

Winter heat: A cool weather area, Norway experiences an unprecedented period of high temperatures in winter 2020. In the village of Sunndalsora in western Norway, earlier this year, temperatures on warm days especially 19 degrees Celsius. The local mayor said she even went swimming in the ocean.

Heat waves in Antarctica: The coldest place on Earth experiences unprecedented high temperatures. According to NASA’s Earth Observatory, the temperature is at times comparable to that in Los Angeles, California, USA. On February 6, the weather stations recorded the hottest temperature on the continental Antarctic peninsula at 18.3 degrees Celsius. Warming weather has caused melting on nearby glaciers.

Summer snowfall: Sierra Nevada, California, USA, hits record snowfall in spring 2019. Everyone is allowed to ski during the summer on Independence Day (July 4th) on the slopes of the Mammoth resort. Lakes.

Storm: In September, Hurricane Ianos swept across Greece. This is no ordinary storm. Rarely does a Mediterranean storm flood streets, collapse power lines and cause death. Karditsa, north of Athens, is one of the most affected areas. The storm that passed through here had winds of 120 km / h. Much of the city is submerged in water.

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Travel Nazca to discover the mysterious land (Part 2)

Attractive Nazca

Not only has the mysterious drawings, the city of Nazca is also an interesting destination, especially for those who love to learn about history. Today Nazca is just 28km southwest of the ceremonial city of Cahuachi – an ancient pilgrimage center – and there are also long periods of history as the main residence of the ancient Nazca people. Therefore, visitors here have the feeling that there are archaeological excavations everywhere and artifacts reminiscent of the ancient Nazca civilization seem to exist everywhere.

One of the attractions in Nazca is the impressive groundwater system, one of the greatest heritages of Nazca culture. This underground system is unique in South America and probably worldwide. More than 50 underground canals were built over a hundred years, in the first centuries AD. There are still some very well-preserved canals, where you can see a series of spiral blow holes that were used to clean the inside of the canals and to restore them from the earthquake.

Ancient Nazca wares are also extremely popular. Archaeologists have discovered in the tombs along the Nazca River many colorful pottery works, indicating a very high level of craftsmanship. Pattern on pottery is delicate, authentic and complex depictions of the ancient world of Nazca: Daily life, animals, plants and even gods.

Because Nazca hides an ancient civilization with countless valuable antiques, this place was once visited by many thieves. For years, the Chauchilla cemetery – the only archaeological site in Peru in which ancient mummies were seen in their original tombs – have been looted by treasure hunters. They destroyed the place almost completely, taking away all the antiques stored in the tomb. Tomb robbers only left mummies, ceramic fragments and other relics scattered across the desert surface that visitors can still see today. These stinging images serve as a general reminder of the community’s responsibility to preserve the heritage.

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Travel Nazca to discover the mysterious land (Part 1)

Although it was honored by UNESCO in 1994 and studied and explored by a large number of scientists, the drawings on the Nazca Plateau (Nazca Lines) located in the south of Peru are still one of the world’s largest mysteries.

The small town of Nazca, located in southern Peru, about 400km from the capital Lima, is where tourists flock to find answers to the secrets of the illustrious ancient Nazca civilization, existed more than 2,000 years ago.

In the 1920s, when commercial flights began to fly over the Peruvian desert, people were amazed to discover the many gigantic figures carved on the surface of the Nazca plateau. There are more than 300 paintings discovered to this day, they create a puzzling “geometric garden” with many different shapes such as hummingbirds, monkeys, spiders, lizards. All are made of how to remove the surface gravel, revealing the lighter-colored rock underneath. The width of the lines is about 30 – 40cm. These paintings have existed for thousands of years, they are covered only by trees, desert sand and are easily visible from above.

During the past hundred years, many scientists around the world have flocked here to study these drawings. According to information on the UNESCO website, the ancient Pre-Hispanic social organizations that flourished on the southern coast of Peru from the eighth century BC to the eighth century AD are the authors of these this drawing. For nearly 2,000 years in a row, they have drawn thousands of figures and lines on barren ground with magnified images, achieving outstanding geometrical precision, turning this place into a highly iconic land.

Although being discovered long ago, Nazca never ceases to surprise people. Recently, archaeologists continued to discover a large cat, drawn with Nazca lines, lying on a hill in southern Peru with a length of about 37m. It is believed that many such drawings are obscured by trees, gravel and dust for centuries.

What are the Nazca people drawing these giant images for? Does it have anything to do with aliens, or astronomy …? There were countless questions posed but today, the majority of respondents claim that they represent a remarkable manifestation of a common religion and social identity that persists for a considerable time.

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120 Chinese tourists came to Thailand for tourism

Chinese tourists entered Phuket and became the first international visitors to the country since late March.

The first foreign tourists to return to Thailand in early October came from China. The first flight, which had about 120 tourists from Guangzhou, flew directly to the resort island of Phuket, the head of the Tourism Authority of Yuthasak Supasorn announced on September 29. According to Mr. Supasorn, in the past several months in Guangzhou there have been no additional cases of nCoV infection in the community.

Government spokesman Traisulee Traisoranakul expects 1,200 tourists in the first month, bringing in revenue of about 1 billion baht ($ 31.5 million). Visitors who are allowed to enter are from countries on the list of free from the disease, according to the Thai government.

At the end of October, another group of Chinese tourists traveling long-term will enter Thailand, by November a group from Scandinavian countries.

Visitors are also granted a long-term stay visa, starting October 8, and must be quarantined upon entry for 14 days. They also need to buy $ 100,000 health insurance, have a CoV test 72 hours before travel, and have a negative result. Visitors are checked twice during quarantine. In addition, visitors to Thailand at this time will be required to wear a bracelet with GPS navigation.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said it is not opening the country to tourists, limiting the number of tourists and managing them closely to prevent the spread of nCoV.

The country of the Golden Temple has succeeded in keeping the COV infection rate low, with more than 3,500 cases and 59 deaths. However, the country’s economy is heavily affected by travel restrictions and border bans by countries around the world. This makes Thailand lack of international tourists since April. The government predicts that only 6.7 million international tourists will come here this year. In 2019, Thailand welcomed 39.4 million visitors.

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The must-see churches in Georgia

Bagrati or Svetiskhoveli Cathedral, Gelati and Jvari monasteries are the places you should visit.

Sioni Church

You will find many churches across the capital, Tbilisi, with unique architecture, cultural, historical and religious values. One of them is Sioni with priceless frescoes.

Metekhi Church

Another spot that you can visit when visiting Tbilisi is the Metekhi Church, perched on a cliff right in front of the river. It is ideal for a panoramic view of the region as well as the Catholic, Jewish and Muslim churches across the borders of Armenia.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Located near the village of Gergeti, on the outskirts of the small Stephantsminda city, the ancient Gergeti Trinity sits atop a 2,170 m high. The church was built in the 14th century with its prominent yellow dome.

This is where many relics from Mtskheta in the 18th century, including the cross of St. Nino, were brought here for safekeeping. Visitors wanting to visit Gergeti Trinity can hike for about three hours and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Svetiskhoveli cathedral and Jvari monastery

Located in the World Cultural Heritage cluster of the ancient capital Mtskheta, these are two prominent religious works of medieval Christian architecture, built from the 4th to 8th centuries. Here is also the basis for the research on the origins of ancient Georgia letters.

Gelati Monastery

Located in the western part of the country, the monastery was built under King David II and recognized by Unesco as a World Cultural Heritage in 1994. Experiencing many historical events, the monastery still has many historical values. history, art and represents medieval architectural styles.

This place also has the Gelati Academy – the workplace of the country’s leading scientists, theologians and philosophers. In the monastery there are also many wall paintings and manuscripts dating from the 12th to 17th centuries.

Bagrati Cathedral

As a symbol of the Kutaisi city located in the western part of the country, the church is also known as Dormition or Kutaisi. Built in the 11th century during the reign of King Bagrati the third, Bagrati is a masterpiece in medieval architectural history.

In 1692 during the invasion of the Ottomans, the church was heavily damaged, the dome collapsed, and the walls were also damaged. Until 1952, this architectural work was restored and restored. In 1994, Bagrati Cathedral was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

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10 must-see things in Antrim County, Northern Ireland (Part 3)

7. Explore the Glens of Antrim valley

Ireland is famous for its green countryside but no one can deny the Glens of Antrim valley is a particularly attractive destination. Also known simply as the Glens, a series of 9 beautiful and inclined valleys formed in the north of Antrim County. The verdant views of this place are dotted with charming waterfalls and trails. One of the most beautiful places for tourists to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery is inside Glenariff Forest Park, a protected area and one of the most beautiful valleys of Antrim County.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 7

8. Learn about the history of Carrickfergus castle

Belfast is probably the largest and most famous city today but during the Norman rule, the city of Carrickfergus was the main colony in Northern Ireland. Visitors can observe the traces on the majestic stone architecture is Carrickfergus castle.

The castle was named after Scotland’s first legendary king, Fergus, after his ship hit dangerous rocks emerging while approaching the coast. King Fergus ruled the country in 501 AD. However, it was not until 1178 this castle was started construction. For 900 years, this castle was used as a fortress, a military prison, and even as a bomb shelter during World War II.

Today, it becomes a public memorial that is open to the public every day who want to walk along the walls and learn more about the castle’s long and fascinating history.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 8

9. Enjoy the views at Antrim Castle Garden

The pristine vistas of Antrim provide an unforgettable impression, and well-tended gardens are the perfect choice for romantic walks. One of the most beautiful gardens is located in Antrim Castle Garden, which was built in the 17th century. Sadly, this historic castle was burned down in a fire in 1922. However, the swampy areas and tree-lined roads are now part of a city park that is open to visitors. 

10. Find landmarks in the Game of Thrones movie

Game of Thrones may be purely imaginative, but many of the film’s best locations are very real places in Antrim County. If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones movie or you just appreciate the surreal movie scenes when watching, Antrim has some beautiful outdoor studios for you to explore. The first is the Dark Hedges, a road with huge rows of oak trees in the town of Ballymoney known as Kingsroad in the series. Next, visit the natural beauty of Glenariff Forest Park, which was once chosen as the shot for the Vale of Arryn valley in the Game of Thrones series.

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10 must-see things in Antrim County, Northern Ireland (Part 2)

3. Visit the Bushmills winery

The small village of Bushmills in Antrim County is home to one of Northern Ireland’s most famous wines for over 400 years. The Bushmills Winery is still in use and offers tours to visitors who want to learn about the production process of one of the country’s most popular drinks. Small group tours are always available to explain the whole process of whiskey distillation and finally to sample the wine so that you can sample the Irish special wine yourself.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 3

4. Relax on the beach in Portrush

The Portrush fishing village has been a holiday destination in Northern Ireland since the reign of Queen Victoria due to the peaceful seas. If the beautiful main street is bustling with pubs and restaurants, the harbor has undulating boats and quiet sunsets but most people come to Portrush because of its beautiful beaches. The white sandy coastline of Portrush is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland and is crowded with visitors to sunbathe in warm weather. Children of all ages also love Barry’s famous amusement park with its arcades and roller coasters. 

5. Venturing over to Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge 

A beautiful spot for adventurous travelers in Antrim County is the spectacular suspension bridge at Carrick-a-Rede. Located suspended over 30m above the Atlantic Ocean, this historic bridge connects the mainland of Antrim with Carrick-a-Rede.

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 5

Carrick-a-Rede is small but has a developed fisheries and the area under the suspension bridge allows fishermen to anchor and protect large ships from hitting vertical cliffs. The bridge was renovated but still brings many interesting things for visitors. Upon arriving at the island, visitors can explore tranquil trails and windy scenery as well as admire the ancient coastal houses still preserved here.

6. Admire Dunluce Castle

The ruins of Dunluce Castle gradually become quite fragile in front of the sea. This 16th-century castle was abandoned when collapsed, but its mysterious appearance still shows irresistible attraction to visitors. The castle now has a major stop for visitors, especially for those who are fans of the movie “Game of Thrones” because Dunluce Castle is a filming location for this movie. There are a number of small displays on display in the ruins of the castle but the best way to visit is to walk along the streets on the cliffs to admire this gradually destroyed fortress. 

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10 must-see things in Antrim County, Northern Ireland (Part 1)

In addition to endless culture of Belfast’s capital, Antrim County also owns the most beautiful beaches and the most mysterious valleys in Northern Ireland.

In addition to the endless culture of Belfast’s capital, Antrim County also owns the most beautiful beaches and the most mysterious valleys of Northern Ireland.

From the bizarre stone pillars of Giant’s Causeway to the beach activities in Portrush, here are the most interesting things to experience when visiting Antrim County, Northern Ireland. 

1. Giant’s Causeway rock rapids

Giant’s Causeway is one of Ireland’s most fairytale places and top of the list of places to visit in Antrim County. This natural wonder is made up of 40,000 black pillars of magma rising impressively out at sea. These unique rocks were formed by volcanic eruptions and separated continents in Europe and North America 60 million years ago. 

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 1

Most visitors come here for a walk to see the mysterious black magmatic pillars, but there are also a number of support centers to introduce more information about the history and geology of Giant’s Causeway. 

However, the legend of the stone pillars is perhaps the most interesting. Irish folk believe that these pillars were located here by the giant Finn McCool. Finn sparked the battle with Scottish giant Benandonner and built a magma stone bridge across the Irish Sea so they could fight and end the war completely.

2. Explore the capital of Belfast

10 dieu nhat dinh phai kham pha o hat antrim, bac ireland hinh 2

From street art to castles, the city of Belfast is well known. As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast has a charming history with many ups and downs as well as much to recommend to visitors visiting Antrim County. Belfast is also a bustling urban center with many pubs, restaurants and a variety of shopping and cultural experience activities to explore. The recently opened Titanic Museum is fast becoming one of the most interesting places to experience while exploring the city.

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The most beautiful countries in the world you should come once in your life

These countries are appreciated by spectacular scenery, diverse cultures, leaving an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors.


The country is famous for festivals, Incan relics and natural wonders like the Amazon rainforest, Lake Titicaca and the Andes.

nhung dat nuoc dep nhat the gioi ban nen den mot lan trong doi hinh 1


Finland is often referred to as a “land of thousands of lakes”, with more than 180,000 lakes. Here, nature lovers will enjoy the wonderful trip among the beautiful forests covering about 3/4 of the country. In addition, Finland travel costs are more affordable than other Nordic countries.


The country fascinates visitors by the taste of the food, the beautiful beaches and the diversity of cultures. In India, you have the opportunity to visit the city of Varanasi with over 23,000 temples.

nhung dat nuoc dep nhat the gioi ban nen den mot lan trong doi hinh 3


There are things irresistible tourists in Mexico, these are sunny beaches and ancient ruins. The Chichen Itza citadel, for example, is a pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya, located in the northern center of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Some of the millions of reasons that attract tourists to the US are great beaches and national parks with diverse landscapes. Arctic National Park in Alaska, is one of the wildest places on the continent.


It is located very close to the North Pole making this country one of the best places in the world for this type of adventure tourism.

nhung dat nuoc dep nhat the gioi ban nen den mot lan trong doi hinh 6

South Africa

Tourists to South Africa can view the iconic scenery from the top of Table Mountain, sip wine and drop on the white sand beaches or explore the safari. Kruger National Park is one of the largest protected areas in the world, covering over 7,500 square miles. This place is home to thousands of African elephants, newspapers and buffaloes.

New Zealand

Tourists after long-distance flight to New Zealand will be rewarded with the diversity of flora and fauna. The country is home to world-famous hills, beaches, waterfalls, and fjords.


Vibrant cities and national parks are popular Canadian destinations. The mountains of Canada hide incredible things for winter activities and have long been a magnet for skiers.

Scotland Tourists flock to Scotland to see the beautiful castles, seemingly endless beaches. No wonder cycling and hiking are considered popular activities here. Hiking routes, such as the West Highland Way, Great Glen Way and Southern Upland Way, are among the best in the world for experienced hikers. World-famous filmmakers also admire the natural beauty of Scotland. Skyfall, Bravelove, Prometheus and dozens of other iconic movies were filmed here.

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Learn About Merlion Park of Singapore

Merlion Park is a major tourist attraction in Singapore, located in One Fullerton near the Central Business District (CBD), where two statues of sea lions are located at the park.

The original statue is 8.6 meters high, while the smaller one is near the original 2 meters high. When coming to the park, Singaporean tourists do not miss the opportunity to take photos in front of this world-famous tourist icon.

Famous lion statues

Merlion Park is not just a park when it is a symbolic place for Singapore. The 2,500-square-foot park, perhaps best known for its lion head Merlion statue, the center of it, the lion head statue, the fish body riding on the waves quickly became one of the floating images. The language creates the symbol of Singapore tourism. The 70-meter-high and 70-meter-tall Sea Lion statue was built and designed by the hands and creativity of a local sculptor named Lim Nang Seng, no one knows when this symbol has become the pride of the indigenous people when it comes to their beautiful country.

The statue only turns to the east even after all these years. Because according to people here, the East is the direction to bring prosperity to their country and it is said that the body of the Merlion fish symbolizes the humility of Singaporeans. Because the image of the fish comes from a small fishing village on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, while the lion’s head is derived from the early name of Singapura, which means the lion city.

Highlights of the Sea Lion Park

with a wide view of the city, this waterfront park has become a busy all day attraction attracting millions of visitors each year, where it is opened. door 24 hours a day to catch Singaporean touristsfrom all over. Sea lions park in the top 10 beautiful scenes of Singapore not to be missed.

The park today has been expanded to build more cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops so visitors can stop for a rest after taking a walk around the park. People can chat, drop soul along the quiet lake, enjoy typical drinks and drinks and can buy souvenirs as gifts for friends and relatives when visiting this place!

Notes to visit the park

Visitors should come here early in the morning or late at night to avoid the crowds and enjoy the especially pleasant view from Marina Bay with open space. In addition, you can watch Marina Bay Sands’ light, laser and water show twice a night called Wonder Full from Marina Bay when visiting Sea Lion Park at exactly the same time space takes place.

Merlion Park Sea Lion Park is not only a national symbol but also a symbol of the humble beginning of people and culture here. If you come here, do not forget to record impressive souvenir photos offline.

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