Mad Dog Takes Flat Ruthie to the Paralympics in London

This just in from Mad Dogcheck out his blog here 
Flat Ruthie heard that I was shooting a documentary at the Paralympics in London and came to help. She had some trouble carrying the tripod, but was a really big help with the pull focus.

I couldn’t help noticing that Britain, David Weir, won his T54 heat while Flat Ruthie was helping me, though I think she’s bringing luck to all the athletes.

The Paralympics have been a tremendous success and all the events I’ve filmed have been full of spectators. I imagine that most visitors are British, but they have been very generous with their applause, in the true  spirit of the original Olympics.

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8 Responses to Mad Dog Takes Flat Ruthie to the Paralympics in London

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    This time, I really do envy Flat Ruthie. I saw a sports report from London. The crowds that have turned out for the Paralympics are just incredible and the Opening Ceremonies were beautiful. London and the Londoners have done themselves proud, giving these athletes their due– and then some.

    • Mad Dog says:

      It’s been quite an amazing experience, especially in the stadium, where sometimes there are as many as four events taking place at the same time. The clapping and cheering is almost constant!

  2. Audrey Evermore says:

    That is one mighty big camera you are wielding there MD . Or are you just pleased to see Flat Ruthie. ?

  3. restlessjo says:

    Good old Ruthie. I knew she’d be a patriot.
    Just a minute- shouldn’t she have been cheering for the Americans?

  4. Audrey Evermore says:

    I am also proud that the paralympics have registered the loudest booing too ! when the politburo turned up … well done Flat Ruthie is so cool .

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  6. Fab, she went to the Olympics and worked at the Para Olympics – Flat Ruthie is an all round Olympian :)

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