Flat Ruthie Meets Big Mark’s Daughter in Omaha AND Joins Vets’ Protest for Peace

This just in from Big Mark at Stars Like Grains of Sand in my Pocket blog


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Flat Ruthie and I went out to pick up my beautiful daughter from the airport.  Nebraska took a picture of us at the airport and I hope she decides to share with me.  Anywho, after she dropped us off at my place.  Setting down KT’s bag, KT, Ruthie and me went out for a little walk to the bus stop so we could get something to eat.

We stopped at the Mutual of Omaha building to take pictures in front of the swimmer display for the Olympic Trials that are being held here at the Quest Center.  KT came in on the same airplane as the swim team from Notre Dame!! (and I gave them a shout out for Beth and Ken!)
Earlier this week Ruthie and I met this Father/daughter combo returning from a game at the College World Series that is being held here as well as the Swimming Trials.  I thought it apropos with the events of this weekend!
Now I am not sure of Real Ruth’s politics but if she did not want Flat Ruthie to make a political statement, she should not have sent her to Omaha! (big SMILE)  On our way home from a big fat 5 Guys Burgers, we saw these Vets who are essentially protesting US foreign policy.  They REALLY enjoyed taking the picture with Flat Ruthie and to me THAT is what has made travels with Flat Ruthie special.
I am sure that I will take Flat Ruthie to ‘someplace’ but to me, EVERYPLACE is someplace!!  The people I run into and have made a connection with here in Omaha are wide and varied, but at the same time, patently predictable!  Who would NOT expect me to be friendly with the owner/operator of the Cookie Company at Westroads Mall!
Hope that you enjoyed meeting my daughter and look forward to more photos of her, Flat Ruthie and myself in the coming days!!
Love & Rockets!!
Big Mark 
For more information about the making of the swim sculpture click here

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3 Responses to Flat Ruthie Meets Big Mark’s Daughter in Omaha AND Joins Vets’ Protest for Peace

  1. fgassette says:

    Hey! good for you Ruthie. Peace is always the way to go.


  2. ChgoJohn says:

    You really never know where she’s going to turn up next.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Wow that swimmer’s big – he could swallow the lot of you! Honk for peace ;-)

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