Flat Ruthie at the Warrior Dash in Louisville, Nebraska


Friday, June 15, 2012



The Warrior Dash was absolutely awesome! I wish that I could have ran and seen how badly out-of-condition I was, since I did not know I was going to be in attendance.  The reason that I say that I would have discovered how out of far out of rounds I am.  But the way that I work, the energy present in Louisville, NE would have had me stoked, as it was I was chompin’ at the bit!!

Ruthie made friends rather quickly.  Here she is at the Anytime Fitnessbooth, of which I am a proud member of.  These two operate a total of 15 franchises between them and are as fit as their costumes would imply!

These were a group of racers that recognized Flat Ruthie as a relative of Flat Charley and were more than happy to take a picture with her.  Sorry that she is barely visible, but there she is, being held by “Michael Phleps”!

There were plenty of folks there with an lighthearted attitude!  This young lady went out as a ballerina!!

This stud went dressed in a suit and I imagine that he had more than a few ladies swooning!

This is what the Smith-Hayes contingent looked like BEFORE their run!!

And this is what they looked like AFTER!!

I was so proud of Nebraska and her pal Jen (who rode with us).  It was a tough course but they had it in them to finish!  Ruthie was in the bag, as there was enough mud between us to slap together a statue!  

Ruthie and I are going to lay low this weekend.  Maybe if Miss Maybe comes around, we can hang out a little.  Of course, next weekend KT is going to be here, so between work and her being here, things will be hectic around Chez Marquis!!  Besides, we had enough fun at the Run to last for a couple of more days.  Shoot, it took me until today to find my legs after all the fun from last week!!

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3 Responses to Flat Ruthie at the Warrior Dash in Louisville, Nebraska

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    I was certainly glad to read that Flat Ruthie was safely tucked away in the bag. Somehow I was under the impression that she was going to participare in a 3-legged race and, well, that just wouldn’t do.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Good job Flat Ruthie didn’t go mud wrestling ;-)

  3. Those are quite the outfits. Glad Ruthie kept it tasteful.

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