Clinton Library Mistaken for a Double-Wide

Often mistaken for a Double-Wide

Still in Little Rock, Katherine of Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide blog writes about Cardboard Me Travels with Flat Ruthie

“Since anyone who reads the real Ruth’s blog knows she likes bridges, we also checked out the new pedestrian bridge, another link in the river trail, over by the Clinton Library.

Sorry Flat Ruthie, admission is $7 so if you want to party with Bill you do that on your own time. Also, I was worried security might confiscate you.

That big cantilevered building by the bridge is the library. It was built to resemble a bridge.

But if anyone reading this is thinking it looks like the world’s biggest double wide, you wouldn’t be the first.

Regardless of your appreciation of architecture or political leanings, it is a gorgeous place to step inside, so much light and wonderful views of the city and Arkansas River.”

A list of donors??

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2 Responses to Clinton Library Mistaken for a Double-Wide

  1. Laura says:

    What a fun time

  2. You really did get the (almost) full tour!

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