Feeding the Horses in Hardy, Virginia

Marlene(Erika’s mom)  drove Flat Ruthie home last Monday and  tonight sent photos  from earlier this evening of what’s  happening in Hardy, VA. Thanks for hosting, Mar!

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Photography teacher(high school), photographer, knitter, reader, cook, poet, filmmaker
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8 Responses to Feeding the Horses in Hardy, Virginia

  1. fgassette says:

    OH MY! Is Flat Ruthie in danger of being eaten before she gets well into her travels? I know, that horse just wants to give her a ride on the second leg of her journey. Good boy! Love the photo.

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  3. frizztext says:

    oh, now I understand! funny project!
    your frizz, Germany …

  4. thirdhandart says:

    How exciting! I would love to ride horses again someday. We had three horses when we lived on the farm. Now, I wish I just had one.
    Ok. ‘Flat Ruthie’ don’t panic. Just take a carrot and lay it flat in the palm of your hand. Make sure your hand is flat or the horse might nibble on one of your fingers.
    What am I saying? ‘Flat Ruthie’ has a flat hand. Duh!
    Great project Ruth! This way you can travel all over the world without the mind-boggling price tag.

  5. Cj says:

    Gidiy-up flat Ruthie! I’m thinking the straddling part might be difficult? Hardy Virginia looks so peaceful. Following this project is like watching the Amazing Race… but flatter : )
    Cj- a flat Ruthie fan.

  6. Stef says:

    Ruthie looks precariously close to that horse… (but I’m kind of afraid of horses; perhaps FR is braver than I am…)

    • rutheh says:

      Not sure Flat Ruthie has eyes in the back of her head like the Real Ruthie (in the classroom)

      She probably wasn’t aware her hosts placed her so close. Horse was probably disappointed she wasn’t a carrot!

  7. Marlene says:

    Heart the Horse comes back everyday to see if Flat Ruthie has any carrots.

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